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When it comes to expensive lifestyle and pricey neighborhoods, San Francisco seems to give New York’s steep prices a run for their money (pun intended). After all, it’s the fourth most expensive city in the U.S. and it’s located in one of the wealthiest regions in the world.

So if you’re on a spending spree and looking to relocate to a posh area, which upscale San Francisco nabes should you be looking at? Well, here’s a list of the top 10 most expensive San Francisco neighborhoods in 2013:

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Driven by Silicon Valley’s booming tech sector, San Francisco’s rising rents have been holding headlines for the past months, claiming their spot among the nation’s highest rents. And while everyone else focused on how much rents had gone up, we thought we’d look at just how much median home prices have been soaring in the past 10 years, while also spotting the most dynamic neighborhoods in all of San Francisco.

An in-depth analysis  revealed that the local real estate market has suffered significant changes throughout the past decade, with some neighborhoods taking the spotlight by registering price increases of up to 51%.

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January 2014 Sees 1,000,000+ Unique Visitors on PropertyShark

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We’ve proudly shared our previous milestone with you (when the number of registered members passed the one million mark), so we thought you’d join us in celebrating the fact that now registers more than one million unique visitors per month!

1mil uniques logoPropertyShark kicked off 2014 on a strong note, having grown (traffic-wise) 42% from last year, and a striking 264% from the year before.

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The average home in New York City (all the five boroughs) is 1,124 square feet, which places the Big Apple at the bottom of the list of 20 cities in the U.S. Home owners in Washington D.C. and Atlanta enjoy almost twice as much space as New Yorkers.

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Notices of default, which signal the start of foreclosure proceedings, have recently been filed against 5 parcels on Market Street in San Francisco between 5th and 6th streets. A 6th property located in the area, on Mission Street, has been hit with a notice of default as well.

901 Market Street - Hale Brothers Department Store

901 Market Street | Courtesy of NoeHill, San Francisco

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