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Build owner mailing lists & property lists based on criteria that you define

A convenient multi-purpose tool used by thousands of real estate professionals, Leads can help you:

  • boost your direct mail efforts with relevant lists of property owners
  • quickly generate Avery mailing labels with owner names and addresses
  • ease your research with custom-built lists of properties.

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Master our Lead Generation Tool in 4 easy steps:

Go ahead, give our Leads Tool a try and discover its 2 main uses:

real estate leads exported to Excel or PDF

Get more Leads by targeting specific property owners

  • canvass for property owners and generate turnkey mailing lists based on a rich set of search criteria
  • download ready-to-mail labels with owner names & addresses
  • conduct efficient, targeted marketing campaigns

Build your lists

Build lists of properties based on your own criteria

  • tap into our vast database and build customized lists of properties
  • round up properties based on criteria that you define
  • complement your market research with relevant property data

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You are a residential broker and you want to find all owners of single family homes sold within the last 3 years in a certain area, priced between $200,000 and $500,000. Follow the 4 easy steps illustrated above, and generate a list consisting only of relevant properties.

Build a list of all Brooklyn multifamily properties with over 20 units, which have not been sold within the past 5 years. When the list is ready for download, choose the type of information you want to include: owner names and addresses, or property characteristics.

Use our Leads Tool to identify all retail stores in SoHo sized between 5,000 and 7,000 square feet. Set your criteria, then simply download your list. Learn more about building a list in our Help Section for the lead generation tool

See our Leads Tool at work:

Try our Predefined Lists or Build a List of your own:

Predefined Lists

You can choose from one of our Predefined Lists including:

  • sales within the last 5 years (single family homes & condos)
  • vacant lots
  • 5 or 6 family apartment buildings
  • large office buildings
  • building permits scanner and more
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Build a List

You can build your own list and target prospects by:

  • location (with advanced criteria such as neighborhood, zip codes, school districts, etc.)
  • property type (residential, commercial, industrial, vacant slots)
  • property characteristics (square feet, zoning, no. of stories, occupancy status)
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