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701 Mt Vernon Drive, Fostoria, OH 44830

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Property photo for 701 Mt Vernon Drive, Fostoria, OH 44830

Property Details

Property address 701 Mt Vernon Dr,
Fostoria, OH 44830
Parcel ID 540000145690
Subdivision 0480
Neighborhood NORTH RIDGE ADD
Property class Single Family Dwelling - Platted Lot(510)
Square footage 1,652
Year built 1952
Rooms 6
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 1

Ownership Information

Owner's name
Owner's address
Last Sale Date
Last sale price

Property Taxes

Tax year 2015-2016
Tax amount $2,350.31
Land value $21,000
Building value $68,560
Total value $89,560

Assessment History

Data not available for this property.

Sales History

Sale date Sale price Conveyance form number Deed type Buyer
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Demographics By Zip Code

Profile of Zip Code
Total population 18,525
Female population 9506 (51.3%)
Male population 9019 (48.7%)
Households 8480 (occupied 89.1%)
Home owners 5595 (74.0%)
Renters 1961 (25.9%)
Average number of people per household 2.4

Age Distribution

Under 15 15 to 24 25 to 44 45 to 64 65 and older
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