375 Park Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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Property photo for 375 Park Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Property Overview

Primary address 375 Park Ave
Zip code 11205
Borough Brooklyn
Block & lot 01880-0055
First 3 alternate addresses 373-389 Park Ave
124-130 Classon Ave
375 Park Ave
Lot dimensions
Lot sq. ft. 12,800
Lot square footage assumes that the lot is square or rectangular. It may be inaccurate for irregularly shaped lots.
Buildings on lot 1
Building class Factory - Industrial Miscellaneous (F9)


Ownership Information

Owner's name
Owner's address

Other property characteristics

Neighborhood name Clinton Hill
School district number 14
Commercial units 1
Closest police station 0.43 Miles -
Closest fire station 0.32 Miles -


Filing date Job number Document number Job type Job status

Property Taxes

Tax year 2012/2013
Current tax bill $41,615.63
Projected tax bill $41,793.70
Current assessed value $419,979
Current value $933,287

Mortgage and Sales History (Title Documents)

Document Date Type Amount Party1 name Party2 name Link To Doc



Address Property class Square feet Sale date Sale price
115 Park Ave Three Families 2,871
119 Park Ave Miscellaneous Two Family 1,995
123 Park Ave Primarily Two Family with One Store or Office 3,135
129 Park Ave Zoned Residential - Not Manhattan n/a
133 Park Ave Walk-up Apartment - Over Six Families with Stores 7,680
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This is a limited preview of our complete property report for 375 Park Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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