367 Powell Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212

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Property Overview

Primary address 367 Powell St
Zip code 11212
Borough Brooklyn
Block & lot 03780-0001
First 3 alternate addresses 333-367 Powell St
443-453 Dumont Ave
367 Powell St
Lot dimensions
Lot sq. ft. 40,000
Lot square footage assumes that the lot is square or rectangular. It may be inaccurate for irregularly shaped lots.
Buildings on lot 1
Building class Elevator Apartment - Fireproof without Stores (D3)


Ownership Information

Owner's name
Owner's address

Other Property Characteristics

Neighborhood name Brownsville
School district number 23
Residential units 119
Closest police station 0.57 Miles -
Closest fire station 0.35 Miles -


Filing date Job number Document number Job type Job status

Property Taxes

Tax year 2012/2013
Current tax bill $0
Projected tax bill $0
Current assessed value $0
Current value $2,588,000

Mortgage and Sales History (Title Documents)

Document Date Type Amount Party1 name Party2 name Link To Doc



Address Property class Square feet Sale date Sale price
69-73 Powell St Miscellaneous Warehouse(E9) 5,000
75 Powell St Other Miscellaneous(Z9) n/a
85 Powell St Zoned Commercial or Manhattan Residential(V1) n/a
95 Powell St Miscellaneous Garage or Gas Station(G9) 2,500
101-111 Powell St Miscellaneous Warehouse(E9) 10,000
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This is a limited preview of our complete property report for 367 Powell Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212

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