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200 East Broadway, New York, NY 10002

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Building Overview

Primary address 357-389 Grand St
Zip code 10002
Borough Manhattan
Block & lot 00311-0013
First 3 alternate addresses 193-197 Clinton St
52 Essex St
383-387 Grand St

Building name Seward Park Cooperative
Lot dimensions
Lot sq. ft. 293,600 ?
Buildings on lot 4
Building class Elevator Apartments Cooperatives Building (Other than Condominiums) (XD4)


Unit Overview

Unit # K1402

Ownership Information

Data not available for this property.

Other Property Characteristics

Data not available for this property.


Data not available for this property.

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Property Taxes

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Assessment History

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Mortgage and Sales History (Title Documents)

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For Sale

Co-op $805,000
1 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms
- Phone: 9175936667 - aolson@levelgroup.com
This spacious Lower East Side home is awaiting your personal touch to compliment its sweeping eastern and southeastern exposures. With a private balcony, this 1 bedroom affords unobstructed views ranging from the Williamsburg Bridge to the Manhattan ... MoreBridge!Located on the only floor in the Co-op with extended 8 1/2 foot ceiling height, abundant natural light coupled with the high floor placement creates an oasis from bustling city life below. This apartment is move-in ready. Or, take it to the next level and reconfigure the foyer and closets to create an open loft-like feel. The apartment is serene, benefiting from a complete set-back from city streets. Aside from two bridges within view, the East River and Brooklyn are also within sight! The windowed bathroom has been updated and there are abundant closets throughout. The oversized, eat-in kitchen features a brand new range. Original parquet floors are in good condition. The bedroom is king sized and features a large closet as well as double exposure. The private balcony is situated off the living room and is the perfect for warm weather entertaining or relaxing.The Seward Park Cooperative offers on-site parking, bicycle storage, personal storage, an indoor children's playroom, two private outdoor playgrounds, a gym, a community room, shared office space, a children's organic community garden, composting, 24/7 maintenance services on site, 24-hour lobby attendants, and several acres of grass and private green space for reading books and relaxing outdoors. Conveniently situated within three blocks of the subway at Delancey/Essex St (F/M/J/Z) and East Broadway (F), north and south-bound access to the FDR, and just a few blocks from the M15 Select Bus Service, getting to and from work is seamless. The property is also situated for easy vehicular access to Brooklyn via the Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Bridges.Topping off the list of amenities is a low monthly maintenance fee of just $680.25. Note: There is an additional assessment of $51.12 per month in place for complex-wide facade and roof repair through 7/31/19.After two years of ownership, the Seward Park Co-op allows for subleasing with an additional monthly fee equivalent to 50% of maintenance. After two years of subletting, the fee increases 50% and escalates by the same amount every two years while a subtenant is in place. The fee is capped at 300% of monthly maintenance in years 11 and beyond.

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Address Property class Square feet Sale date Sale price
357-389 Grand St, New York, NY Elevator Apartments Cooperatives Building (Other than Condominiums)(XD4) 1,025,341 11/2/2006
355 Grand St, New York, NY Single or Multiple Dwelling with Stores or Offices(S9) 3,500 11/14/2014
353 Grand St, New York, NY Single or Multiple Dwelling with Stores or Offices(S9) 2,695 4/21/1972
351 Grand St, New York, NY Primarily Three Family with One Store or Office(S3) 3,680 10/19/2007
349 Grand St, New York, NY Loft with Retail Stores Other than Type One(L8) 3,823 10/16/1996
345-347 Grand St, New York, NY Special Condominium Billing Lot(R0) 14,465 n/a
343 Grand St, New York, NY Primarily Two Family with One Store or Office(S2) 3,850 7/18/1968
341 Grand St, New York, NY Store Building - Two Story or Store/Office(K2) 4,274 n/a
339 Grand St, New York, NY Store with Apartments Above(K4) 4,200 8/3/1999
337 Grand St, New York, NY Primarily Five to Six Family with One Store or Office(S5) 4,760 8/27/1999

Demographics By Zip Code

Profile of Zip Code
Pop 2000 84870
Female pop 42910 (50.6%)
Male pop 41960 (49.4%)
Households 32965 (95.6% occupied)
Home owners 4146 (12.6%)
Renters 27366 (83.0%)
Misc density pop 999.99
Misc density area .94
House average household 2.6

Age Distribution

Under 5 5 to 17 18 to 24 25 to 44 45 to 64 65 and older

Household Type

Non-Family Single

Note: totals often exceed 100% for household type because respondents may choose multiple categories.

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