242 Greene Street, New York, NY 10003

Property photo for 242 Greene Street, WeStreet Village.

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Building Overview

Primary address 14-16 Washington Pl
Zip code 10003
Borough Manhattan
Block & lot 00546-0015
First 3 alternate addresses 12-16 Washington Pl
240-242 Greene St
14-16 Washington Pl

Neighborhood name West Village
School district number 2
Closest police station 0.42 Miles -
Closest fire station 0.20 Miles -

Owner's name
Owner's address
Lot dimensions
Lot sq. ft. 10,997
Lot square footage assumes that the lot is square or rectangular. It may be inaccurate for irregularly shaped lots.
Buildings on lot 1
Building class Dormitories (H8)

Residential units 151
Commercial units 4

Residential sq. ft. 109,094
Retail sq. ft. 6,600


Title Documents


Property Taxes

Tax year 2012/2013
Current tax bill $81,221.57
Projected tax bill $83,667.61
Current assessed value $848,016
Current value $7,852,000

Property value estimate

Within the last 6 months no similar properties (property class H) sold for more than $25,000 in the 10003 zip code.

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Property map for 242 Greene Street, WeStreet Village.
Parcel map for 242 Greene Street, WeStreet Village.

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