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1600 Beverley Road, Brooklyn, NY 11226

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1600 Beverley Road, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Property photo for 1600 Beverley Road, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Property Overview

Primary address 1600 Beverley Rd
Zip code 11226
Borough Brooklyn
Block & lot 05147-7501
First 3 alternate addresses 1600-1606 Beverley Rd
255-265 E 16 St

Building name Vista
Lot dimensions
Lot sq. ft. 5,200 ?
Buildings on lot 1
Building class Special Condominium Billing Lot (R0)
Year built 2007
Building Sq. Ft.

Ownership Information

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Who owns this property?
Owner Name  
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Other Critical Property Data

Neighborhood name Ditmas Park
School district number 22
Max Floor Area Ratio
Certificate of occupancy

Sales & Property History

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Last Sale Date 9/13/2016
Last Sale Price


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Data not available for this property.

Property Taxes

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Tax year 2015/2016
Current tax bill $0
Projected tax bill $0
Current assessed value $0

Assessment History

Data not available for this property.

Title Documents

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Document Date Type Amount Party1 name Party2 name Link To Doc
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For Sale

Apartment $775,000
1 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms
- Phone: 6466662313 - rperrone@bondnewyork.com
Price Reduction!!!! Exquisitely Renovated Penthouse Duplex in Townhouse with Large Private Outdoor Space.Rare find on the Upper West Side! Bright, beautiful and sunny Penthouse Duplex home located in a pre-war brownstone townhouse on a beautiful tr... Moreee-lined street. This "Old New York" brownstone was built in 1910 and is in wonderful condition. Be the first resident to enjoy this brand new meticulous gut renovation home with no detail overlooked. The first floor of this duplex hosts the entry foyer, open kitchen, full bath and bright living room. Features include high-end stainless steel appliances, marble counter tops, exposed brick, all new hardwood floors, custom and designer lighting fixtures and new oversized windows. On the main level there is also an abundance of storage. The loft bedroom has 14 feet ceilings and is accessed by a straight open staircase and includes a huge custom closet and incredible custom built in dressers and storage space. Next is the generous sized private terrace which is large enough for dining, entertaining or relaxing which is replete with new fencing, lighting, oversized planters and decor. A tranquil space like your own backyard in the heart of the city. Cable and internet included in maintenance. Washers and Dryers, bike storage and cage storage available in the building as well. The location is amazing, offering close proximity to; Trader Joe's, restaurants, the 72nd street express/local subway station #'s 1, 2 and 3. Central Park and Riverside Park are both just 2 blocks away. A real must see. This will definitely not last!

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Address Property class Square feet Sale date Sale price
1608 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Elevator Apartment - Semi-fireproof without Stores(D1) 8,787 7/25/2013
1616 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Elevator Apartments Cooperatives Building (Other than Condominiums)(XD4) 47,250 6/23/1995
1618 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Elevator Apartment - Semi-fireproof without Stores(D1) 25,000 1/13/1983
1678 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY Single or Multiple Dwelling with Stores or Offices(S9) 4,400 8/30/2011
1516 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Primarily Two Family with One Store or Office(S2) 2,533 7/1/1985
1512 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Transportation - Public Ownership(U7) n/a n/a
1422 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Two Stories Detached(A1) 3,173 11/16/1999
1416 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Large Suburban Residence(A3) 3,510 9/1/2010
1410 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Two Stories Detached(A1) 3,118 3/2/2007
1402 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Two Stories Detached(A1) 3,494 6/30/2006
1808 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Over Six Families without Stores(C1) 24,640 8/27/1997
1320 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Two Family Converted from One Family(B3) 3,684 7/1/2015
1316 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Three Families(C0) 2,524 5/9/2005
1310 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Two Stories Detached(A1) 3,857 8/16/1993
1304 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY Two Stories Detached(A1) 3,076 12/29/2014

Demographics By Zip Code

Profile of Zip Code
Pop 2000 106154
Female pop 58674 (55.3%)
Male pop 47480 (44.7%)
Households 37132 (96.1% occupied)
Home owners 3826 (10.3%)
Renters 31858 (85.8%)
Misc density pop 999.99
Misc density area 1.33
House average household 3

Age Distribution
Household Type
Age Distribution
Under 5 5 to 17 18 to 24 25 to 44 45 to 64 65 and older
Household Type
Non-Family Single

Note: totals often exceed 100% for household type because respondents may choose multiple categories.

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