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1910 Larkspur Drive, Plainfield, IL 60586

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Property Details

Property address 1910 Larkspur Dr,
Plainfield, IL 60586
Parcel ID 06-03-33-304-021-0000
Property class Residential(R)
Square footage 2,131
Year built 1999

Ownership Information

Owner's name
Owner's address
Last Sale Date
Last sale price

Property Taxes

Tax year 2014
Tax amount $5,963.71
Land value $50,051
Building value $139,033
Total value $189,084

Assessment History

Year Property class Market value Assessment value Total tax rate Property tax
2012 Residential $218,538 $72,839 8.7819% $6,396.65
2011 Residential $222,487 $73,888 7.9633% $5,883.92
2010 Residential $228,978 $76,326 7.3994% $5,647.67
2009 Residential $256,362 $85,454 6.9755% $5,960.84

Sales History

Sale date Sale price Document type Grantor Grantee


Address Property class Square feet Sale date Sale price
1908 Larkspur Dr Residential(R) 2,686 6/17/2004
1906 Larkspur Dr Residential(R) 2,131 9/5/2006
1904 Larkspur Dr Residential(R) 2,166 12/30/2009
1900 Larkspur Dr Residential(R) 1,889 7/30/1999
1816 Larkspur Dr Residential(R) 2,160 3/13/2006
1814 Larkspur Dr Residential(R) 2,376 9/29/1997
1812 Larkspur Dr Residential(R) 1,850 7/27/1995
1810 Larkspur Dr Residential(R) 2,160 5/1/2006
1808 Larkspur Dr Residential(R) 1,850 7/11/1995
1806 Larkspur Dr Residential(R) 2,166 6/25/2004

Demographics By Zip Code

Data not available for this property.
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This is a limited preview of our complete property report for 1910 Larkspur Drive, Plainfield, IL 60586

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