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99 Battery Place #12-C, New York, NY 10280

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99 Battery Place #12-C, New York, NY 10280

Property photo for 99 Battery Place #12-C, New York, NY 10280

Building Overview

Primary address 99 Battery Pl
Zip code 10280
Borough Manhattan
Block & lot 00016-7510
First 3 alternate addresses 99-101 Battery Pl

Building name The Liberty View
Lot dimensions
Lot sq. ft. 24,167 ?
Buildings on lot 1
Building class Special Condominium Billing Lot (R0)


Unit Overview

Unit # 12-C
Gross SF 1,097
Condo complex # 779
Rooms 3.5
Baths 2

Ownership Information

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Other Critical Property Data

Neighborhood name Battery Park City
Residential units 1
Max Floor Area Ratio
Certificate of occupancy

Sales & Property History

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Last Sale Date 12/31/2005
Last Sale Price

Property Value

Not enough data found to estimate property's value.


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Data not available for this property.

Property Taxes

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Tax year 2015/2016
Current tax bill $0
Projected tax bill $0
Current assessed value $0
Current value $329,090

Assessment History

Year Use code Market value Assessed value Taxable Tax rate% Base tax Property tax
2015/16 R4 $329,090 $148,091 $0 12.883% $16,795 n/a
2014/15 R4 $297,812 $134,015 $0 12.855% $15,948 n/a
2013/14 R4 $274,643 $123,589 $0 13.145% $15,547 n/a
2012/13 R4 $302,978 $136,340 $0 13.181% $15,528 n/a
2011/12 R4 $285,885 $128,648 $0 13.433% $15,386 n/a
2010/11 R4 $273,410 $123,035 $0 13.353% $15,152 n/a
2009/10 R4 $233,478 $105,065 $0 13.241% $13,911 n/a
2008/09 R4 $240,813 $108,366 $0 12.596% $13,649 n/a
2007/08 R4 $253,444 $114,050 $0 11.928% $13,105 n/a
2006/07 R4 $259,690 $116,861 $0 12.737% $13,265 n/a
2005/06 R4 $256,296 $115,333 $0 12.396% $12,367 n/a
2004/05 R4 $240,108 $108,049 $0 12.216% $11,925 n/a
2003/04 R4 $232,663 $104,698 $0 12.62% $12,082 n/a

Title Documents

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Document Date Type Amount Party1 name Party2 name Link To Doc
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Units & Related Parcels


For Sale

Apartment $550,000
1 bathrooms
- Phone: 2129644300, Work: 2124637744 - mike.bhuiyan@djkresidential.com
Delight in absolutely stunning views from this incredible Alcove Studio (can be convert one bedroom apartment) with Big Balcony at the Liberty View. Next to Statue of Liberty and Hudson water views in the heart of the Battery Park City. This beautifu... Morel spacious big alcove layout features a new kitchen, dining area, generous closet space and a marble bathroom. The Liberty View is High-rise an elegant full service luxury building with laundry on every floor, a full time doorman and concierge, roof top deck. 99 Battery Place is ideally located in beautiful South Battery Park, adjacent to numerous parks, the Hudson River promenade, brand new Freedom Tower and the World Financial Center.For Appointment please contact with Mike Bhuiyan or . Less


Address Property class Square feet Sale date Sale price
99 Battery Pl, New York, NY Special Condominium Billing Lot(R0) 251,929 n/a
70 Battery Pl, New York, NY Elevator Apartment - Luxury Type(D8) 230,766 n/a
70 Battery Pl, New York, NY Special Condominium Billing Lot(R0) 411,519 n/a
55 Battery Pl, New York, NY Public Elementary, Junior or Senior High(W1) 134,082 n/a
17 Battery Pl, New York, NY Special Condominium Billing Lot(R0) 1,257,274 1/6/2006
10 Little West St, New York, NY Special Condominium Billing Lot(R0) 523,677 n/a
1 Broadway, New York, NY Bank Building - Designed Exclusively for Banking(O6) 180,646 9/28/2000

Demographics By Zip Code

Profile of Zip Code
Total population 8,817
Female population 4731 (53.7%)
Male population 4086 (46.3%)
Households 5157 (occupied 83.8%)
Home owners 1075 (24.9%)
Renters 3245 (75.1%)
Average number of people per household 2.04

Age Distribution
Under 15 15 to 24 25 to 44 45 to 64 65 and older
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