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1 Irving Place #G17F, New York, NY 10003

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1 Irving Place #G17F, New York, NY 10003

Property photo for 1 Irving Place #G17F, New York, NY 10003

Building Overview

Primary address 10 Union Sq E
Zip code 10003
Borough Manhattan
Block & lot 00870-7501
First 3 alternate addresses 159-173 Union Sq E
101-119 E 14 St
2-18 Union Sq E

Building name The Zeckendorf Towers
Lot dimensions
Lot sq. ft. 76,503 ?
Buildings on lot 3
Building class Special Condominium Billing Lot (R0)


Unit Overview

Unit # G17F
Gross SF 785
Condo complex # 449

Ownership Information

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Other Critical Property Data

Neighborhood name Gramercy Park
Residential units 1
Max Floor Area Ratio
Certificate of occupancy

Property Value

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Estimated Property Value $1,452,250 $1,850 / sqft

How did we estimate this property's value?

Criteria used to determine the value of the property:
  • sold within a 0.5-mile radius
  • in the Midtown Manhattan area
  • sold within the past 18 months
  • property class similar to 'Condo - Residential Unit in Elevator Building'
  • sale price over $25,000
  • similarly sized properties (±15%)

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Property Taxes

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Tax year 2015/2016
Current tax bill $13,636.40
Projected tax bill $14,975.33
Current assessed value $127,718
Current value $283,818

Assessment History

Year Use code Market value Assessed value Taxable Tax rate% Base tax Property tax
2013/14 R4 $243,209 $109,444 $91,442 13.145% $12,020 $12,912
2012/13 R4 $232,686 $104,709 $87,996 13.181% $11,598 $11,598
2011/12 R4 $243,805 $109,712 $87,401 13.433% $11,740 $11,740
2010/11 R4 $182,672 $82,202 $80,273 13.353% $10,718 $10,718
2009/10 R4 $185,903 $83,656 $79,225 13.241% $10,490 $10,490
2008/09 R4 $187,518 $84,383 $73,893 12.596% $9,307 $9,307
2007/08 R4 $177,322 $79,795 $67,596 11.928% $8,247 $8,062

Title Documents

Quickly perform a preliminary title search on your own. Records go back to 1966 and include the complete history of deeds, mortgages, assignments of leases and rents, and more! Plus, scanned images of document images are one-click away.

Document Date Type Amount Party1 name Party2 name Link To Doc
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Units & Related Parcels


For Sale

Apartment $1,175,000
670 sqft, 1 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms
- Cell: 2123538900, Work: 2123538900 - tricianewell@gmail.com
Large 1 bedroom condo on the 8th floor of the Park Tower. Bright and quiet with north exposure overlooking 15th Street from oversized floor-to-ceiling windows. Open, white Euro kitchen with breakfast bar, marble bathroom, 21 X 12.5 LR, 19.5 X 11 BR... More, 3 closets including a large walk-in closet in the bedroom. Building amenities include 24-hr doorman and concierge, resident super, on-site managing agent, complimentary health club with 60' sky-lit pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, complimentary classes and a massive sundeck with views west over the trees of Union Square Park, pretty views into interior garden courtyard, laundry room at the base of each of the four towers, and onsite garage. Zeckendorf Towers is a Luxury F/S condo overlooking Union Square Park, centrally located at the crossroads of Gramercy, Flatiron and Greenwich Village in one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the city. This coveted location in the heart of the Village is steps from Uion Square Park farmer's market, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's Food Emporium, Strand Book Store, off-Broadway theaters and many find restaurants, with convenient access to multiple subway lines: 4, 5, 6, N, R, Q and L at Union Square. Less


Address Property class Square feet Sale date Sale price
10 Union Sq E, New York, NY Special Condominium Billing Lot(R0) 1,072,816 n/a
20 Union Sq, New York, NY Miscellaneous Theatre(J9) 14,081 1/8/1997
32 Union Sq, New York, NY Bank Building - Designed Exclusively for Banking(O6) 145,772 10/5/1995
34 Union Sq, New York, NY Store Building - Two Story or Store/Office(K2) 6,500 5/23/2013
36-42 Union Sq, New York, NY Elevator Apartment - Luxury Type(D8) 65,430 6/28/1996
44-48 Union Sq, New York, NY Theatre in Mixed-Use Building(J5) 48,000 4/8/2016
201-211 Park Ave S, New York, NY Hotel - Luxury Type Built Prior to 1960(H1) 200,000 9/2/2010

Demographics By Zip Code

Profile of Zip Code
Pop 2000 53673
Female pop 27656 (51.5%)
Male pop 26017 (48.5%)
Households 31154 (94.7% occupied)
Home owners 7830 (25.1%)
Renters 21686 (69.6%)
Misc density pop 999.99
Misc density area .56
House average household 1.6

Age Distribution
Household Type
Age Distribution
Under 5 5 to 17 18 to 24 25 to 44 45 to 64 65 and older
Household Type
Non-Family Single

Note: totals often exceed 100% for household type because respondents may choose multiple categories.

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