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Neighborhood Overview

Midtown is the largest central business district in the world and home to the majority of NYC's skyscrapers, including the Chrysler Building, Empire State Building and Metlife Builidng. Midtown is also home to the Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Broadway.

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PropertyShark is the choice of thousands of NYC homebuyers and investors looking for Midtown apartments for sale. We provide you with one of the most complete and high quality databases of apartments for sale. We feature all types of apartments including: condos for sale, coops for sale, condops for sale, new condo developments, luxury Midtown apartments for sale, condo conversions for sale, etc.

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PropertyShark provides you with a search tool to find recent sales of similar apartments to your target apartment in Midtown. Apartment sales in Midtown are updated daily. You can search by multiple criteria, including distance to subject, zip code, apartment type, apartment size, sale date, and more.

Apartment Sales Stats & Trends

PropertyShark.com is one of the most quoted sources for real estate data in New York City. As a trusted source of real estate information, big media outlets regularly turn to us for insight and information on real estate data. We also publish, in partnership with the Corcoran Group, a quarterly report on apartment sales in Manhattan.

Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Q3 2011 Q4 2011 Q1 2012
Stats on Apartment Sales in Midtown, Manhattan.
Data is supplied for informational purposes only. It should not be used as the basis of making investment decisions.
Median Sale Price $940,000 $1,080,000 $1,079,345 $1,170,988 $1,120,075

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We believe in a transparent real estate market and we made it our mission to provide as much information as possible for every Manhattan property. This is the place to begin your research about the apartment you want to purchase. We provide tools you can use to do your own market analysis for your desired apartment, including a detailed apartment report, apartment income & expenses, apartment sales (going back to 2003), neighborhood demographic data, property owner, foreclosures, etc.

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