V4 Building Class

Vacant Lots Adjacent to Police Stations or Fire Departments

The V4 building class consists of vacant lots that are adjacent to Police Departments or Fire Departments.

There are 18 properties in the V4 class in New York City. 6 are in the Bronx (all in Hunts Point), 4 are in Manhattan (all in Central Harlem North), 4 are in Brooklyn (3 in Sunset Park and 1 in Sea Gate / Coney Island), and finally, 4 are in in Queens (one in each of Hammels / Arverne / Edgemere, College Point, Forest Hills and Richmond Hill).

Sample Properties in the V4 Building Class

Here are a few V4 properties from Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. Most of our property reports come with an exterior building photo, together with highly detailed information on the property.

>> Manhattan Sample property
>> Queens Sample property
>> Brooklyn Sample property
>> Bronx Sample property

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