Chart of the week: NYC most expensive homes (2005-2012)

How much is not too much for certain New Yorkers when it comes to buying a home? $30M, $40M, $50M? Close…but still far away. At we looked at the highest price tags put on residential homes sold each year since 2005, and we’re ready to share the findings with you in our weekly chart.

2012. 15 Central Park West PH20
2011. 16 East 69th Street &
768 5th Avenue #1207 & #1209
2010. 1009 5th Avenue
2009. 820 5th Avenue 12TH
2008. 14 East 67th Street
2007. 15 East 64th Street
2006. 4 East 75th Street
2005. 5 East 64th Street

For more details on each of the most expensive properties click on the years featured in the slide below.

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