Facebook Contest – First Round Winners


The moment to announce the first winner of our Facebook contest is finally here!

Congratulations to Geeta Leitzsey and Sammy Hilany for winning lifetime subscriptions to PropertyShark services!  There were two winners this time, the person who received the most votes, and the person who referred her.

Geeta Leitzsey, managed to gather 50 votes from her friends for her story below.

“I’ve been in Real Estate for a while. There is no other tool that comes close to what Property Shark provides. I’ve found owners for property I have seen and wanted to purchase, and with PS it was so easy to do so. My company has also listed property for sale on their PS account. It’s very amazing to have all this information on one page. I love that I can easily get a C of O or deed/mtg.

Her friend, Sammy Hilany will also get a lifetime subscription for referring Geeta and a big thank you for his story.

I have used Property Shark for many years and as an Investor it is one of my main tools in this industry in getting vital information on properties, ownership, taxes etc. Everything is at your fingertips. I have bought several properties using Property Shark. It gave me numbers to work with regarding offers and purchases. I recommend it to everyone I meet.

Although he did not get the most votes, Emilio Mazzucotelli wrote a very inspiring story about how he managed to sell a property in distress. The good news is that he’s still in the contest for winning the iPad Mini at the end of the contest!

“I had a random call from a buyer, wanting to purchase an abandoned property one day. He asked to please find out. I passed by the address and there was 2 big properties totally abandoned for years. Not even listed. No activity. I went to all sort of public records and nothing. Just a name or two in past years transactions. The only resource left was to pay a full property shark subscription to look up more resources. And there it was. Full past description of previous records, owners and even phone numbers. It was amazing. So I finally got in touch with one of the owners. Which was in distress with its mortgage for years due to a bad investment. I asked him to reconsider the situation and let me help deal with it. 3 weeks later he made up his mind and called me. I used property shark as the principal tool to find out the exact position this property was. After a couple a weeks I listed it in the market and kept showing it to investors. But no price was even close to what he owned. I got in touch with his bank and tried to negotiate a better price. The bank accepted. And after a long year we finally reached a good offer, accepted it, went through a long bank process and got the deal closed! Today, this man is stress free, he has no debt, he owes nothing to no one, his late taxes were waived out at closing and today he is planning to buy a new property in a couple of more years. Peace of mind, is what basically me and this gentleman have today, and all thanks to being able to find everything and everyone through property shark! After this transaction I got so good handlinlg distressed properties that I took a HUGE and special certification (CDPE- Certified Distressed Property Expert), which are very few in the nation and I am specialized in dealing with these type of situations and CLOSING the deals! And I have property shark as my main property/ people research tool! Peace to all too!”

There were some really nice stories entering the contest and we were happy to see how useful our products are to so many folks out there. Many thanks to all the participants and we’re looking forward to reading more interesting stories this coming week as well.

If you want to join our contest you can do that here.


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