In our previous blog post called See Past the LLC: 3 Ways to Unmask the Real Owner of an NYC Property, we talked about the three easiest ways to find out the real name of a  property owner. As promised, here’s a follow-up to that article, detailing three alternative ways to get behind an LLC:

1. Look at Building Permits

To get started, look up the property you’re interested in by typing its address in the search bar; open the property report and go straight to B. Owners & Residents.

Here you will find section B2., Ownership from Permits, where all permits filed for the property are listed. This section is extremely useful, as any type of permit must include the name and contact details of either the owner or a representative of the owner in case an emergency occurs. Moreover, a phone number and address are also available under this section, for the same reason — and these contact details tend to be very reliable. Don’t forget to check the date at which the permit has been filed, as old permits might not be as useful in finding the current owner.

If you’re looking for extra information on who filed the permit or what type of relationship the person in the owner field has with the LLC, a link is provided for each permit so that you can consult the entire document:

Permits ownership LLC

The link will redirect you to the NYC Department of Buildings, where you can see the whole document as it was registered in the city records. Find the name of the applicant or scroll down and look for Owner’s Information for more details:

find the owner of an NYC property

2. Look at HPD registration records

Section B3. Building Management & Officers can also reveal either the name of the owner or that of the property manager.

Basically, all NYC buildings with three or more residential units must be registered with the HPD; also, if there have been any violations reported on the property, or if the building has been registered as a landmark, this section will pull out either the name of the owner or that of the property manager straight from the HPD records:

find the owner behind an LLC

In our example, the B3. Building Management & Officers section confirms that Michael Rooney is the Head Officer of 96 Rockaway LLC, the entity that owns the building.

3. Tenant Records

If you have yet to find any useful information and you really need to get to the owner of a property, you could also turn to current tenants (though this is a rather drastic approach and is not recommended under normal situations). Under section B4., Phone Records – Tenants, you will find a list of tenants, along with their phone numbers and the dates when they were registered. While this is not a practice that we encourage, you can contact them directly to get information on the owner/manager of the property. Section B5. Registered Voters can be just as useful in this respect.

find the real owner of an NYC property

Don’t forget about our previous article, See Past the LLC: 3 Ways to Unmask the Real Owner of an NYC Property, where you can find more useful information on how to identify the owner (or maybe just double-check your findings).

Georgiana Mihaila

Georgiana Mihaila

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