Top 20 U.S. Cities for Culture: Cultural Venues Density per City Population

While cities all around the U.S. are constantly adding new venues and attractions, we started wondering: just how many properties are actually destined for cultural and recreational activities?

An in-depth look at the biggest cities in the U.S. shows that they all have a generous amount of cultural attractions – ranging from museums, libraries and theaters to parks or stadiums. So we thought we’d rank them and see which major city is the uncontested leader for cultural venues.

And while New York City has an impressive number (2,693!) of such properties — considerably more than runner-up Houston, TX with 1,890 cultural venues — that doesn’t necessarily propel it to our top spot. In fact, if we were to solely take into account the number of venues, Memphis, TN would be the least equipped major city in the U.S. for cultural and recreational activities, with merely 115 venues.

But a bigger population means more people are sharing the venues, so here’s what every major city has to offer its residents and how each city ranked on our list of Top 20 U.S. Cities for Culture:

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