Brooklyn’s Top 20 Priciest Neighborhoods in 2015

2015 was an exciting year for Brooklyn’s residential market, the median home price hitting an all-time-high of $560,000. The luxury market registered a record number of sales (570) while the most expensive property in Brooklyn was sold for $15.5 million.

Even though Manhattan has some of the priciest real estate in the world, one of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods made it into the Top 20 most expensive NYC neighborhoods in 2015. Check out Brooklyn’s priciest neighborhoods and see which areas have attracted the most prosperous buyers.


#10. Downtown Brooklyn

Median Sale Price: $839,492.

The third largest central business district in New York City is placed 10th in the list of the most expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods. The borough’s civic and commercial center, where the marble office buildings meet with appealing shops, underwent a wholesale reinvention in the past few years, the investment initiatives leading to the successful growth of this very 21st-century neighborhood.

Most expensive home sold: 365 Bridge Street #26A, Brooklyn, NY 11201, sale price: $3,256,363.


#9. Williamsburg

Median Sale Price: $900,600.

“Little Berlin”, the neighborhood with a rich cultural and artistic nightlife, came 9th in the Top Brooklyn neighborhoods. Renowned for the wide range of activities it hosts, Williamsburg has been attracting the young creatives for over a decade, luring them in not only with its gourmet restaurants, rock/indie live concerts and Cocktail and Wine Bars, but also with its vintage stores and outdoor activities.

However, the median sale price for homes dropped in 2015 by 10% compared to 2014.

Most expensive home sold: 440 Kent Avenue #PH2A, Brooklyn, NY 11249, sale price: $5,250,000.


#8. Columbia Street Waterfront District

Median Sale Price: $906,243.

Columbia Street Waterfront District is becoming a more popular place to live in, particularly for young couples. The neighborhood holds some of the best views of the City, as it is placed on the East River, next to the LIC Hospital, the BQE, and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

Even though sale prices have been rising over the last few years, the median sale price in 2015 dropped by 24% compared to the previous year.

Most expensive home sold: 99 Kane Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231, sale price: $2,800,000.


#7. Park Slope

Median Sale Price: $930,000.

Park Slope, one of New York’s most family-friendly neighborhoods, is also one of the priciest. Its main avenues are filled with top-rated restaurants, bars and a wide range of shops, known for their high standard of service, while the nightlife is rather quiet and peaceful, making the neighborhood one of the safest areas to live in.
Green spaces, quality public schools and neighborhood get-togethers make Park Slope one of the best places to raise a family, leading the neighborhood to the 7th position in the list, with a median home sale price which increased by 10% over the last year.

Most expensive home sold: 17 Prospect Park W, Brooklyn, NY 11215, sale price: $12,400,000.


#6. Boerum Hill

Median Sale Price: $939,728.

The neighborhood just south of Downtown Brooklyn is famous for its restaurants, boutiques and rows of brownstones. Sporting events, especially biking, as well as concerts, are popular in the vicinity of the lively Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Home to many young families, Boerum Hill combines the energy of outdoor activities with an intimate atmosphere.

Most expensive home sold: 308 State St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, sale price: $5,450,000.


#5. Brooklyn Heights & Greenpoint

Median Sale Price: $950,000.

Brooklyn Heights and Greenpoint share the 5th position in PropertyShark’s top-10 list, their median sale prices reaching $950,000 in 2015.
Both neighborhoods are known for their historic charm and abundance of religious buildings, but also for the green areas – mainly the expanding Bridge Park (in Brooklyn Heights) and the outdoor pool and recreation center (Greenpoint).

Most expensive home sold in Greenpoint: 175 Eckford Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, sale price: $2,380,000.

Most expensive home sold in Brooklyn Heights: 81 State Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, sale price: $10,250,000.


#4. Manhattan Beach

Median Sale Price: $1,125,000.

Almost completely surrounded by water, Manhattan Beach is a quiet, individualistic area, encompassing a wide range of property types. Over the past few years, the interest in the district’s homes rose, especially in the detached single-families with wide lawns, some of them even with backyard pools.

Even though the neighborhood lacks something on the entertainment front, Manhattan Beach stays near the top of Brooklyn residents’ preferences, mainly on account of its ocean views and its peaceful surroundings. Here, residents jog or go to picnics in the warm months, while their kids get the chance to play in the baseball and basketball courts.

Most expensive home sold: 156 Dover Street, Brooklyn, NY 11235, sale price: $4,400,000.


 #3. Cobble Hill

Median Sale Price: $1,175,000.

Just south of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill captivates both residents and tourists with its historical charm and its stylish architecture.  Vintage boutiques and the famous mom-and-pop shops catch the eyes of passers-by, transporting them into a cozy 19th-century frame of mind.

At the heart of the neighborhood is Cobble Hill Park, a great corner to relax in, where you might also get the chance to come across a film set. No wonder that the median home sale price jumped above $1 million in 2015.

Most expensive home sold: 177 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, sale price: $15,500,000.


#2. Vinegar Hill & Carroll Gardens

Median Sale Price: $1,262,500.

The second position in PropertyShark’s top-10 list is shared by Vinegar Hill and Carroll Gardens, with a median home sale price of $1,262,500.

Back in the day, Vinegar Hill counted a great number of warehouses and industrial buildings, but since investors started developing new apartment buildings, the neighborhood streets feel nicer and safer.

With its Italian-American flavor, Carroll Gardens is the home of young professionals. The increasing interest in the area is due to its proximity to Manhattan, but also to the continuous development of the commercial front, leading to a general increase of home prices.

Most expensive home sold in Vinegar Hill: 69 Gold Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, sale price: $3,350,000.
Most expensive home sold in Carroll Gardens: 294 A Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231, sale price: $4,550,000.



Median Sale Price: $1,412,556.

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass – the historic neighborhood with iconic 19th century warehouses is certainly one of the most desirable neighborhoods of NY, but also the most expensive in Brooklyn.

The charm of the neighborhood has increased due to the development of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, an area where families love to take pictures, read or just nap. With its art galleries, workshop studios, movie theaters and artistic events, DUMBO is the perfect place for creative people, photographers and filmmakers. And, of course, there are the amazing views over the Manhattan skyline!

Most expensive home sold: 175 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, sale price: $4,811,231.


Here is the complete list of Brooklyn’s top 20 priciest neighborhoods:

No.NeighborhoodMedian Sale Price
2Vinegar Hill

Carroll Gardens
3Cobble Hill$1,175,000
4Manhattan Beach$1,125,000

Brooklyn Heights
6Boerum Hill$939,728
7Park Slope$930,000
8Columbia Street Waterfront District$906,243
10Downtown Brooklyn$839,492
11Fort Greene$815,000
12Mill Basin$800,000
13Dyker Heights$760,000
14Prospect Heights$755,000
15Greenwood Heights$730,500
16Prospect - Lefferts Gardens$700,000
20Bergen Beach$630,000

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