Top 10 Ways to Strengthen Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy with Branded Market Reports

Are you constantly seeking to strengthen and refresh your real estate marketing strategy?

Then you should definitely take advantage of the personal branding benefits that come with the Market Reports! Available for all NYC neighborhoods and covering the residential and multifamily segments, the Market Reports are released monthly and quarterly.

Since buyers and sellers are looking for brokers who can prove they are neighborhood experts with in-depth knowledge of the local community, we made the market reports available at neighborhood level. However, as a local expert, you also need to prove you have a good understanding of trends at borough level so you know how your neighborhood performs in comparison to other markets. To answer this need, we will release market reports that cover New York’s boroughs (with individual neighborhood snapshots). Stay tuned for updates!

And we haven’t yet mentioned the best thing about these market reports: they can easily be branded with your info and incorporated in your marketing & advertising strategy. Not only will you be able to position yourself as the local expert, but you will also enhance your professional image and build trust, which will lead to even more clients and listings!

We put together a top 10 list of the ways you can incorporate the branded market reports in your advertising & marketing strategies:


1. Incorporate the branded market reports in your marketing collaterals

The branded market reports will fit excellently into your marketing kit, or you can use them as materials at real estate expos and conferences. You can reap the benefits of this unique branding strategy even when networking since you will always be in the know and have a report ready to show in any situation.

2. Impress and educate your clients or prospects

When meeting clients or prospects, it is essential to show up prepared and ready to answer all their market questions. That will be a whole lot easier when you have market reports you can rely on. If clients are impressed with your knowledge, they will surely pass on the branded market reports to other people. Both word-of-mouth and referral business will be boosted as a result!

3. Get fresh material for newsletters

As one of the most popular ways of maintaining contact with your clients/prospects, the real estate newsletter needs to be informative and to always contain up-to-date material. You can now count on having material to include with each campaign.

4. Distribute as marketing material at open houses

Organizing an open house is an excellent opportunity to reach more interested buyers or people who are simply prospecting. Distributing professional-looking marketing material branded with your info will ensure that your reach will extend beyond the event itself.

5. Enhance your listing presentations

Whether you’re preparing a listing presentation or want to show a seller that you are the right agent to list a property, having the most recent market reports branded with your info will help. You will be able to both convince prospects and educate clients when determining or negotiating the right listing price.

6. Use as a resource of local trends and news on your agent website

Feature the branded market reports on your website as a trust element that provides useful information for visitors. Providing local market information to the right audience will help you nurture leads and turn them into clients.

7. Find inspiration for blogging and content creation

Add the market reports, branded with your info, in a section on market trends on your real estate blog. Or use the insights they provide to generate fresh, educational content for your blog posts.

8. Power up your social media presence

Posting regularly on social media can sometimes be quite a challenge. Having at your fingertips market reports that capture trends and notable transactions will prove to be a valuable resource and another opportunity to get your name and brand in front of prospects and clients.

9. Stay on top of your market at company meetings

Another way to use the branded market reports is when preparing for your company meetings, when presenting at them or during team sessions. Your professional image will benefit and you can make a contribution to your company’s strategy and direction by providing all the key stats on your market.

10. Mentor agents or establish your reputation

If you’re a seasoned broker who often works with newcomers to the industry, the branded market reports may help you build your image as a role model. If, on the other hand, you are working on establishing your local presence and reputation, the same reports will come in handy for that as well.

Here’s what you can customize in the market reports and why you should do it:

  • Your name, email address and phone number

The wealth of information in the market reports will definitely capture the interest of those who read it, so you will want to make sure your contact info is readily available. Plus, since these reports might be passed on from one client to the next, your reach will significantly increase!

  • Your photo and company logo

By personalizing the market reports with your photo, you will maximize your chances of being instantly associated with valuable data and recognized as an industry expert. Your company’s logo will also be placed on the latest market data and will gain extra exposure.

  • Comments and insights

This is your chance to showcase your experience and personal touch. Add insights that can be useful to your audience and promote yourself as THE local expert.

Go ahead and add your branding elements to the market reports right now by accessing the My Market Reports page! It’s really easy to customize them and we’ve also added a short video tutorial to guide you.

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Andra Rus

Andra Rus

With 10+ years of experience at PropertyShark, Andra covers the latest product updates and market reports for our blog. Her work has been featured in The Real Deal, Curbed, TimeOut, The Daily Mail, Business Insider, Crain’s New York.

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