The Most Expensive Zip Codes in Illinois – Kenilworth and Glencoe Remain on Top as Golf Surges

Quick facts:

  • Kenilworth’s 60043 remains the #1 most expensive zip in Illinois
  • Chicago boasts 18 of the 58 priciest zip codes in Illinois
  • Lincoln Park ranks as the #1 most expensive Chicago zip code

Repeating 2016’s performance, Chicagoland continued to dominate pricey residential sales in 2017, with the Windy City boasting 18 of Illinois’ 58 priciest zips – a whopping 31%. As such, it’s no surprise that Cook County remained the most exclusive in Illinois, boasting 39 of the state’s priciest zips. DuPage County came in second with 11 zips and Lake County saw 7 of its zips make it into our top 50.

Similarly to last year, the top spots were claimed by pricey North Shore communities like Kenilworth, Glencoe, Winnetka, and Glenview. Although the Windy City boasted the highest number of pricey zips, the most expensive zip code in Chicago is only the #13 priciest in Illinois. Covering the exclusive Lincoln Park neighborhood, 60614 registered a median sale price of $500,000 in 2017 – nearly twice the city’s median home price of $254,000. Having recorded nearly double-digit price gains in 2017, 60614 overtook 60603 in the last quarter of the year.

Maintaining its top position from 2016, Kenilworth’s 60043 ranked as the #1 most expensive zip code in Illinois. The affluent North Shore community posted a median sale price of $1,290,000, noticeably up from 2016’s median of $1,212,500.

Up one position from a year ago, Glencoe’s 60022 saw the median home price tick up to $900,000, becoming 2017’s #2 most expensive zip code in Illinois. By comparison, Glencoe’s median in 2016 clocked in at $882,500. Located near Lake Michigan, Glencoe abuts a 1,200-acre swath of Cook County Forest Preserve, as well as three golf courses.

Rising from #7 in 2016, Golf’s 60029 ranks as the #3 most expensive zip code in Illinois. The Cook County village experienced a significant increase in its median price, which surged from $687,500 to $812,500 in 2017.  The small residential town is only 27 miles from the Loop and is known for its strictly enforced speed limits. Golf’s new position among the 3 most expensive zip codes in Illinois is also a result of Winnetka’s slowdown in pricing. Winnetka’s 60093 saw its median drop from $890,000 to $785,000, sliding to the #4 spot.

The year’s most expensive sale was recorded in Chicago, in the state’s #33 most expensive zip – 60610. 1547 N Dearborn Parkways, Chicago traded hands for $12,000,000 in mid-December. Known as Lurie Mansion, the 12-bed luxury property was purchased by the Latin School of Chicago. The Latin School will reportedly use the 18,590-square-foot property for administrative purposes, while the meticulously landscaped lot will serve as a playground for students. Sold by philanthropist Ann Lurie after spending four years off and on the market, the 1891-built Gold Coast home sits on one of the most generously-sized Gold Coast lots and boasts amenities that include a 6-car garage, a sunroom, in-home elevator, a library, 9 fireplaces and original millwork and stained glass. The property has also been upgraded recently with new roofing, windows and plumbing.

Chicago also saw its most expensive residential transaction ever in 2017, with the sale of the 4 top floors at 9 W. Walton Street.  The $58.8 million package deal was purchased by Ken Griffin, Illinois’ richest man.

Scroll down for the top 50 most expensive zip codes in Illinois:

RankZip CodeLocationCountyMedian Sale Price 2017Median Sale Price 2016
160043KenilworthCook County$1,290,000$1,212,500
260022GlencoeCook County$900,000$882,500
360029GolfCook County$812,500$687,500
460093WinnetkaCook County$785,000$890,000
560521HinsdaleDuPage County$765,000$785,000
660045Lake ForestLake County$644,000$720,000
760091WilmetteCook County$589,500$672,500
860026GlenviewCook County$567,500$525,000
960558Western SpringsCook County$565,000$530,000
1060523Oak BrookDuPage County$516,250$569,000
1160015DeerfieldLake County$511,000$476,000
1260305River ForestCook County$510,000$495,000
1360614ChicagoCook County$500,000$457,500
1460603ChicagoCook County$495,000$70,2500
1560010BarringtonCook County$470,000$481,250
1660035Highland ParkLake County$469,000$475,000
1760622ChicagoCook County$460,000$440,000
1860642ChicagoCook County$450,000$400,000
1960604ChicagoCook County$442,000$514,000
2060601ChicagoCook County$432,500$411,000
2160069LincolnshireLake County$430,000$382,000
2260047Lake ZurichLake County$429715.5$412,000
2360654ChicagoCook County$425,000$410,000
2360514Clarendon HillsDuPage County$425,000$410,000
2460564NapervilleWill County$408,792$412,000
2560044Lake BluffLake County$408,750$412,000
2660606ChicagoCook County$407,000$388,750
2760048LibertyvilleLake County$400,000#N/A
2860647ChicagoCook County$396,000$385,000
2960618ChicagoCook County$395,000$372,500
3060025GlenviewCook County$392,000$400,000
3160068Park RidgeCook County$385,000$386,500
3260062NorthbrookCook County$382,500$426,000
3360610ChicagoCook County$381,000$365,000
3460611ChicagoCook County$380,000$385,750
3460201EvanstonCook County$380,000$400,000
3560646ChicagoCook County$378,500$379,000
3660602ChicagoCook County$377,500$365,500
3760203EvanstonCook County$375,000$400,000
3760126ElmhurstDuPage County$375,000$373,250
3760184WayneDuPage County$375,000$445,000
3860657ChicagoCook County$373,500$376,500
3960540NapervilleDuPage County$370,000$362,500
4060607ChicagoCook County$367,500$350,500
4160157MedinahDuPage County$366,250#N/A
4260304Oak ParkCook County$366,000$366,500
4360439LemontCook County$365,000$352,500
4460192Hoffman EstatesCook County$355,000#N/A
4460137Glen EllynDuPage County$355,000$363,500
4460712LincolnwoodCook County$355,000$389,000
4560302Oak ParkCook County$349,000$360,000
4660526La Grange ParkCook County$345,000#N/A
4760661ChicagoCook County$341,500#N/A
4860525La GrangeCook County$341,250#N/A
4960515Downers GroveDuPage County$335,000#N/A
5060605ChicagoCook County$320,000#N/A
5060565NapervilleDuPage County$320,000#N/A
5060187WheatonDuPage County$320,000#N/A

Methodology:  In order to determine which were the most expensive ZIP codes in Illinois, we looked at all residential transactions closed in 2017, taking into account condo, co-op, single- and the two-family homes. All package deals were excluded.

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Eliza Theiss

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