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Looking to invest in Pitkin County, CO multifamily properties? Browse through 1 multifamily homes for sale in Pitkin County, CO with prices ranging between and . Be sure to work with a Pitkin County, CO real estate agent who can offer detailed information about any multi-unit properties for sale that you might be interested in and help you make an informed purchasing decision.Multifamily homes for sale, such as apartment buildings for sale, are quite popular among real estate investors. In fact, buying an apartment complex for sale will generate a steady cash flow over time because the property includes multiple units that can all be rented out. Moreover, in the event of unoccupied apartments, the rental income from the other units will help offset vacancy costs until you find new tenants. Check out the list of available multi-units on PropertyShark to find the real estate investment opportunity that suits your style. Also, be sure to look for apartment buildings for sale near you because a multifamily for sale near you is much more cost- and time-effective to manage.