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New York City

Made up of five distinct boroughs, New York City is the most populated city in the United States and one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Known for the incredible skyscrapers of Midtown Manhattan, the world-famous theaters on Broadway, and the incredible sports options, as well as being one of the financial centers of the world, there’s more to NYC than meets the eye.

This neighborhood guide will help you when you browse through New York City homes and apartments for sale by providing useful information on home prices, transportation options, commuting, schools, safety, shopping, top things to do, and architecture. Find out which schools you can find in the area and their rankings, plus essential information on transportation options and crime rates.
The real estate market guide for New York City will tell you how many rentals, condos, co-ops and single family homes there are in the area and provide insights on the housing market to help you choose the best neighborhood for your needs.

Architecture and landmarks

When most people think of the architecture of New York City, they think of the skyscraper. In fact, NYC has some of the most diverse and largest skyscrapers in the world. There are a number of architecturally significant buildings here, including the Woolworth Building completed in 1913, the Chrysler Building completed in 1930, and the Empire State Building completed in 1931.

New York City is also known for its residential districts that showcase classic New York styles like brownstones, townhouses, tenements, and converted warehouses. However, there are also neighborhoods with less densely populated areas where single-family homes are common. There it’s common to see Tudor Revival, Victorian, and split two-family homes. After a large fire in 1835, stone and brick became the most popular building materials.

Architecture and landmarks

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The public transportation system in New York City is impressive, with one of the largest subway systems found anywhere in the world, the first mechanically ventilated vehicular tunnel, and an impressive aerial tramway. There is also an extensive bus system that works throughout all five boroughs. Compared to other cities in the United States, NYC has by far the highest rate of public transportation use. In fact, more than half of households in the city don’t own a car, though it gets even higher in areas like Manhattan, where only 25% of people own a car.


The New York City Department of Education, which overseas every public school in the city, is the largest such department in the entire world. There are also hundreds of private school options, and several of the most highly rated colleges and universities in the world.


Public hospitals and clinics in NYC are operated by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, which is the largest municipal healthcare system in the country. Under HHC, there are 11 hospitals, five nursing homes, and more than 70 primary care sites within neighborhoods. There are dozens of hospitals throughout the city, though the most well-known is likely Bellevue, as it’s the oldest public hospital in the U.S. and is the designated treatment hospital for the U.S. President, as well as any other world leaders visiting the country.


Though many people think of New York City as a place with plenty of crime, the truth is that it’s the safest big city in the U.S. In fact, violent crime rates in 2016 were at historic lows in the city, and crime rates in general have dropped every year for the past decade. However, it’s always true that some neighborhoods are safer than others.

Things to do

Things to do

It would take years to see everything there is to see in NYC. Some of the most popular things to do include visiting Central Park, seeing the 103-story Empire State Building and visiting its observatories, traveling up the Statue of Liberty, taking in the world-class art collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, taking a trip to Rockefeller Center, traveling through Grand Central Terminal, visiting Ellis Island, going to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, or enjoying some entertainment at Radio City Music Hall, the Apollo Theater, or one of the many theaters on Broadway.

Things to do

The dining and nightlife options would be hard to beat absolutely anywhere. Five of the top ten restaurants in the world are located in New York City, and someone in search of libations can find everything from a laidback bar serving local brews to a high class nightclub that’s accessible by invite only.

Things to do

Serving the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, the New York Public Library system has a larger collection of books than any other public library system in the United States. The second largest public library system in the country is also located in NYC: The Queens Borough Public Library. Brooklyn also has its own library system.