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Atlanta City Guide

As the most populous city in Georgia, Atlanta has much to offer. Ranked as a top city for new college graduates thanks to high median salaries, low real estate prices and overall cost of living, Atlanta also boasts a vibrant foodie scene. Its relatively mild weather, especially in comparison to other Southern cities, makes it an attractive choice tofor Northern transplants. With an impressive mixture of homes and apartments for sale, the housing market is another key driver in attracting new residents. Real estate trends here make Atlanta a solid choice for first-time home buyers.
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  • Architecture
  • Historic Landmarks
  • Food Scene
  • Schools

Architecture and landmarks

Prospective buyers in Atlanta’s real estate market will find the most popular architectural styles to be classic, modern, post-modern and contemporary. This is in large parts due to the destruction the city suffered during the Civil War, with huge swaths of Atlanta consumed by fire. As a result, modern landmarks are more numerous here – although some residents are pushing for architectural preservation to take higher priority than it currently does.

Landmark structures are plentiful throughout Atlanta, with many mixed right in with the homes and apartments on the real estate market. They include the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, the Fox Theatre and the beautiful Japanese Gardens at the Carter House. Rhodes Hall, once a private residence, nowadays functions as a museum dedicated to Georgia preservation. Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta’s oldest, is the final resting place of Georgia icons such as Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones and Maynard Jackson.

Architecture and landmarks

Real Estate Market

Real Estate Market

As far as the housing market goes, by far the largest piece of Atlanta’s real estate wedge is made up of single-family homes for sale. In fact, there are more than 172,800 single-family homes in the city. The second most prevalent type of residential property is multi-family, with 4,603, followed by apartments for sale. In total, there are 1,617 apartments in Atlanta and 52 condos.

382 other types of residential units of other types are also present in Atlanta’s real estate market.

While home prices can significantly vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, real estate in Atlanta is more affordable than in most markets, based on real estate trends in historical median sale price and historical median home values. Being Georgia’s economic hub, though, Atlanta proves less affordable than other Georgia cities.

Real estate prices for commercial properties are in flux as well. There are 6,172 commercial units, just under 2,000 industrial units, more than 1,100 mixed use buildings, and 16,535 vacant lots.

Real Estate Market

Public services


Despite the fact that Atlanta has almost 50 miles of heavy rail, more than 90 bus routes, 1,600 taxi, and over 45 miles of bike paths, it still consistently ranks as one of the worst cities in the country in regards to traffic and the commute time. On the other hand, Atlanta is home to one of the busiest airports in the country, so global connectivity is never an issue. Buyers looking at homes for sale or any real estate within Atlanta need to take the traffic issues into consideration when choosing a location.


The Atlanta Board of Education oversees Atlanta schools, educating almost 55,000 students enrolled at 103 schools. This includes 50 elementary schools – 3 of which operate year round – 15 middle schools, and 21 high schools. There are also several academies, charter schools, alternative schools, and an adult learning center.


There are 6 hospitals in Atlanta, including Emory University Hospital, nationally ranked in six different specialties, Kennestone Hospital, and Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.


Overall, Atlanta is only safer than just 2% of cities in the United States. However, safety in Atlanta is largely dependent on location. There are apartments for sale in safer neighborhoods that have crime rates significantly lower than the city average, and homes for sale in areas with more elevated crime risks.

Things to do

Things to do

Just like there’s no shortage of affordable real estate in Atlanta, there’s no shortage of incredible restaurants either. From Canoe, with its waterfront location and upscale new American food, to the Optimist, a country-modern seafood spot, to affordable quick service food and international cuisine, – no matter what you have a taste for, you’ll find it here.

Things to do

Those looking for a night out can head to the Alliance Theatre to catch award-winning plays before they make it to Broadway, while those who want to spend an afternoon outdoors might head to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Things to do

Sports fans have plenty of options here too, including an Atlanta Braves baseball game or a night of football with the Atlanta Falcons.