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PropertyShark is the best and most thorough

While our nonprofit architectural archive has used a number of other online research services, PropertyShark is the best and most thorough. Their extensive and amazingly current database is a key part of our success on a mission of documentation, preservation, and promotion of Modernist residential architecture [...] I really appreciate how easy the site is to use and how the company has such high competence in IT, the real estate industry, market data, and professionalism in customer service. This alone sets them apart. There is nothing better than PropertyShark.
George S., Executive Director, North Carolina Modernist Houses

Sold 3 bldgs, love Property Shark in lieu of MLS

It's been great to watch Property Shark become better and better. I sold three buildings through Property Shark in North Brooklyn in 2005-2006. It's been one of the major resources of my real estate career and education. Lately it's one of the best sources of commercial listings in North Brooklyn. Without a true MLS it can be hard to navigate the market but with the help of Property Shark I can keep tabs on buildings and do research easily.
Heather H., Brooklyn, NY.

Thank you so much for the services you provide

Within three months of using property shark, I was able to locate a building find the owner and negotiate and close the deal with in a month of making initial contact with the owner. All thanks to the good resources that property shark provides. I use property shark every day and it is an asset to my business. Thank you so much for the services you provide.
Eric P., New York City

Property Shark is simple, concise and reasonably priced

I first learned of Property Shark working as the Dispatcher for a company that sends leads on property damage and loss to Claims Adjusters, and Restoration Contractors. I had used several over the years in this work, but Property Shark is simple, concise and reasonably priced. There are a lot of reasons people use such a service, but I get the information I need quick & simple right here. No huge cost, no major (almost discouragingly difficult) security hurdles, and it's never been down and unavailable in my experience. It's been a great help in making my business competitive, and successful in California the past 6 months, and I'll continue to be a loyal user. I am now using it in several US states, and it's still doing everything I need.
Gene S., Sonora, CA

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I just loved it, great tool

Why do I need I accidentally ran into PropertyShark in Internet search, what a tool! In my work, I need to know the property owner, anything about the property, their dimension, id number, everything was presented on the page. I just loved it, great tool.
Vinh-hai N., Stanton CA.

Great Research Tool for RE

Ever since I joined PropertyShark, my work as a Listing Agent alone has been soo much easier. I can do my research in a well timed manner, find the correct and most accurate landlords along with their numbers most of the time, and gain new listings like never before.
Tania T., Brooklyn NYC.

Useful info for home buyers

Property Shark helped us with details that other sites like Zillow and Redfin does not have. The property value was move accurate and it helped us determine the right offer to make. Not knowing the area, Property Shark provided useful information that helped us feel more comfortable in moving.
Dan F., Los Angeles CA.

Best source out there

I started using propertyshark to complete my BPOs and what a difference; it has facilitated the whole process. So much better that the local MLS. There are properties that closed and agents haven't update the MLS or it just was not listed. How many of you can say you can come about this, I know it is quite a few of us. I also use it to get information from the owners, alternative address and the history of the properties. There is nothing better than this site. You can search and compare properties. You can build your own property list, you can search foreclosures, see when they are going for auction.
Kay J., Richmond Hill NY.

One-stop-shop for real estate information

PropertyShark has been a great tool for me to find all necessary information required to make a good decision on investment properties. I've been using it for quite a long time and I've recommend this for all my family members who were getting their properties. It was the perfect tool for them to get an inside info on properties before they even ventured onto contacting the brokers for additional information. I love having all the available tools combined into one feature rich site. It's incredible how easy and how much time this site had saved me. Worth every penny when compared to $/hr a personal would charge to get the info vs what the site charges for its subscriptions.
Bharti S., Brooklyn NY.

Opening new opportunites

When the economy hit and valuations dropped, I realized the company I was with would fall into shambles and would quickly need solutions to keep it afloat otherwise, I"d be out the door. A massive amount of research was spent on coming up with a strategy that would keep cash flow going, what needed to be sold, what was worth keeping and finding opportunities outside our familiar areas to keep the company going on the right path in the future. With property shark as one of our main tools, we were able to quickly learn about different neighborhoods - zonings, closing prices, financing, etc and make the judgement calls needed to survive in this new economy. I would recommend Property shark to any serious investor/developer/agent/broker.
Charles L., Long Island City NY.

An Essential Tool For Anyone Working in NYC Real Estate

I've been using PropertyShark for about five years now. I discovered it when I was researching my first investment property in NYC. As a broker, I use it nearly every day to research everything from from vacant lots to multifamily properties. I send clients property reports along with listing broker setups. I check out open permits to look for developers' contact information when I want to pitch for their business and I create mailing lists to prospect new business in a strategic and organized fashion. Residential brokers can use it to really gain an edge in their prospecting. When I need to comp out a property, the comparables tool is second to none. I find the custom map polygon tool particularly useful! PropertyShark really has no competitor and it's an integral part of my business.
Mike A., New York City

I love PropertyShark!

PropertyShark is bar none the best Real Estate tool I have ever utilized. I have subscribed for approx 8 years and I've done substantial comps which has got me listings over the years. I have amazed some of my clients with the information I have readily available. The lis pendens and foreclosure lists gives up to date and accurate information. I love PropertyShark!
Nadine M., Queens, NY.

Thanks for the services!

I've been using PropertyShark professionally for approx. seven years. Their constant evolving progress of providing comprehensive real estate data is truly impressive. Aside from the internal listing system I use as a real estate broker, PropertyShark is the best source to cross-reference property data. Keep up the good work, thanks for the services!
Justin H., New York, NY.

You have everything you need, in one easy to understand place

You can get most of the info here yourself, but it would take hours and visits to many different web sites. Here you have everything you need, in one easy to understand place, PLUS a lot of other features, such as toxic waste site information and the ability to generate lists for mailings, etc. A definite go-to resource for anyone in real estate!
Barbara R. Brooklyn NY.

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Great Help!

There is no other tool that comes close to what Property Shark provides. I've found owners for property I have seen and wanted to purchase, and with PropertyShark it was so easy to do so. My company has also listed property for sale on their account. It's amazing to have all this information on one page.
Geeta L., South Richmond Hill, NY.

Property Shark lets me know what the owners' paid

Property Shark lets me know what the owners' paid, which results in better negotiation. Basically, if I know what someone paid for a house or apt. and when, or what others paid for similar properties, I can negotiate better. Especially if it's a similar line apt. in the same bldg.
Ann Z., Brooklyn, NY.

It's All About Getting an Edge!

In this fiercely competitive New York City Real Estate Market, you have to get an edge somehow and Property Shark has given me that edge in many deals. The information on closing prices and new listings is up to date and state of the art. No other web site can provide you with this kind of info to pass on to your customers. Property Shark is awesome.
Theresa V., New Rochelle NY.

Closed Deal!

A friend once told me about a building in Queens that could be for sale. So, I took down the address and looked up the owners information with propertyshark. I spoke to the owner and a few months later, I closed the deal! I wouldn't have been able to do the deal otherwise. The detailed information propertyshark provides is superb and it has helped me tremendously.
Isaac F., Brooklyn, NY.

NY Property Search Easy with Property Shark

I'm a builder's daughter. I get curious to find out about property that interests me. I use my computer to research current information. I learn as much as I can about a property, so when I walk the property I can see if info matches up. It helps to explain things about the property condition and ownership situation. This leads to discussion, financial calculation, negotiation, and possibly a conveyance contract to close in 3-6 months. All in an accurate and timely manner of due diligence.
Karen M., White Plains, NY.

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