I1 – Hospitals, Sanitariums, Mental Institutions

Hospital, Sanitarium, Mental Institution

The I1 building class consists of hospitals, sanitariums, and mental institutions. The greatest density of buildings in this category can be found in Manhattan (63%) with Brooklyn (21%), the Bronx (20%), and Queens (19%) to follow.

Some of the areas where most of these health facilities can be found are Washington Heights South (Manhattan), Norwood (the Bronx), and Lenox Hill (Manhattan).


I2 – Infirmary


The installations under the I2 class are infirmaries. In the US, there is a slight difference between hospitals and infirmaries as the latter can function as adjunct facilities or divisions of hospitals and other institutions (e.g. schools, campuses, military institutions) offering a similar type of care. They are not too common in NYC, with only 2 existing in Manhattan and 2 in the Bronx.

The neighborhoods where infirmaries under class I2 can be found more frequently are East Village and Gramercy in Manhattan and Mount Hope and Norwood in the Bronx.


I3 – Dispensary


The buildings comprising class I3 are dispensaries. A dispensary is a healthcare facility, often part of a hospital or a school that dispenses medicine and other medical supplies. NYC has 3 such installations.

One is in Clinton, Manhattan and two can be found in Norwood, the Bronx.


I4 – Hospital; Staff Facility

Hospital; Staff Facility

The buildings comprising the I4 class are facilities for hospital and healthcare staff. In NYC, half of these buildings are found in Manhattan, 20% in Brooklyn, and 13% in Staten Island.

The neighborhoods with the biggest number of facilities in the I4 class are Lenox Hill and Gramercy in Manhattan, Carroll Gardens / Columbia / Redhook in Brooklyn and Washington Heights South again in Manhattan.


I5 – Health Center, Child Center, Clinic

Health Centers, Child Centers and Clinics

Class I5 consists of health centers, child centers and clinics. The largest numbers of these can be found in Brooklyn (43%), Queens and Manhattan (18% each), followed closely by the Bronx (17%). Staten Island has 14% of all buildings of this category.

The spread by neighborhood shows East New York (part A) to be the neighborhood with the biggest stock of buildings in this class, followed by Bedford (Brooklyn), Sunset Park (Brooklyn), Jamaica (Queens), Crown Heights North (Brooklyn), and Flatbush (Brooklyn).


I6 – Nursing Home

Nursing Homes

The facilities under class I6 are all nursing homes. There are 194 nursing homes in NYC, most of them being found in Queens (36%), Brooklyn (27%) and the Bronx (22%).

Richmond Hill (Queens) is the area with most buildings in this class. It is followed by Far Rockaway / Bayswater (Queens), East New York (part A) and Bedford (Brooklyn).


I7 – Adult Care Facility

Adult Care Facilities

The buildings comprising class I7 are all public facilities for adult care, such as assisted living residencies. The borough with the largest stock of adult care facilities is Brooklyn (33%), followed by Queens (21%), and Manhattan (25%).

The neighborhoods with most buildings in the I7 class are Canarsie (Brooklyn), Gramercy (Manhattan), East Harlem North (Manhattan), and New Brighton / Silver Lake (Brooklyn).


I9 – Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Hospital, Health Care Facility

The class I9 is comprised of miscellaneous hospitals and other health care facilities. Brooklyn (34%), Manhattan (25%) and Queens (20%) are the boroughs with the greatest numbers of buildings in this category.

Stuyvesant Heights (Brooklyn), Lenox Hill (Manhattan), Norwood (the Bronx), Clinton (Brooklyn) and Borough Park (Brooklyn) are some of the neighborhoods with high numbers of facilities in the I9 class.


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