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Real Estate Report

Property Reports

An indispensable tool for real estate professionals and home buyers who want the most complete and reliable data on both residential and commercial properties.

  • Property characteristics: age, size, recent sale, zoning, toxic site information;
  • Ownership information with phone numbers, where available;
  • Sales history (deeds, mortgage, etc.);
  • Building permits;
  • Property Tax.

Real Estate Maps


Search for properties and get a fresh insight into real estate data and trends right on our maps.

  • Dynamic;
  • Mobile-friendly;
  • Updated frequently;
  • Great variety of layers and themes;
  • Easy, same-page access to property mini reports.

Check out our most popular maps: Recent Sales, Vacant Lots, FEMA Flood Zone, School District, Zoning, and Satellite maps.

Ownership Data

Search for owners (individuals and LLCs) and find phone numbers, addresses, and connections between names and properties, based on data gathered from multiple sources including title documents, notice address, permit data, HPD, and more. Ownership information is accessible directly from the owner search tab on the homepage or from property reports.

For each address you can also:

  • View ownership - building's ownership history;
  • View full property report;
  • Research this person - perform an individual or business search for the owner and find out who the owner's business partners are.

Mailing/Data Lists

Enhance your direct mail efforts with one of the best lead generating tools for finding motivated sellers. Create your own customized lists of properties from a targeted area and you will be able to download a ready-to-mail list with ownership details and property characteristics or mailing labels.

Export them in several formats:

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • Ready to mail PDF files (mailing labels with owners' name and address)
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Professional membership = Express + Photos + Comparables

Comparables - estimate the value of a property provides you with professional tools to estimate your home or property value. Comparables, or simply 'comps', is considered the best tool to estimate home values and is widely used by real estate professionals, including appraisers, lenders, and brokers. You can run real-time property estimate valuations, search by multiple criteria including distance to subject (radius), zip code, or neighborhood and export results. See more details here.

Property Photos

Building Photos

Recent photos allow you to quickly assess a building's appearance and condition before you visit in person. You can also view photos of neighboring buildings to visually evaluate the block and the neighborhood.

We have over 650,000 photos, including almost every building in Manhattan, often with multiple photos at both the full building and street level. With a Photos subscription, you also get access to 50 high resolution photos each month that can be used in your reports or listings.

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Elite membership = Professional + Foreclosures + Pre-Foreclosures + REOs


We are the most up-to-date foreclosure listings aggregator in New York City. In addition we offer excellent coverage in the rest of New York State, New Jersey, Seattle, and California. Our detailed foreclosure listings provide our customers with essential information such as:

  • The general state of the property
  • Property photos
  • Plaintiff and defendant names
  • Property address
  • Auction date and lien amount


Our lis pendens database covers NYC, Long Island and Westchester County, NY. Listings are available on within 24 to 48 hours of filing and provide investors and brokers with clear and detailed data on the pre-foreclosed property:

  • Property address
  • Mortgage amount
  • Debtor and creditor
  • Property photos (NYC and Nassau County)
  • Property description


This new service will allow you to browse real estate owned properties and take advantage of some specific benefits that come with REOs*, including:

  • Free of title liens
  • They are vacant

*Available only in New York City.

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A one-stop real estate search engine

"PropertyShark has helped me in evaluating and collecting property information around the tri-state area. It has enabled me to find property history, comparables and ownership information, as well as many other types of real estate information that would normally take days to research through other services. PropertyShark is a one-stop real estate online search engine. No other online real estate service comes close."

Robert S. Klein, Senior Director - Kalmon Dolgin real estate brokerage company

An indispensable real estate tool

"PropertyShark is an indispensable tool that helps us perform our due diligence efficiently and effectively when we are helping our development clients understand an acquisition opportunity. We also use PropertyShark to reach out to prospective townhome clients using the mailing list feature. It is a great custom solution that fits well with our personal brand of service."

Donald Brennan, Principal and Licensed Broker

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An essential website for our company

"With Property Shark, we can quickly and accurately deliver in-depth insights to our clients. It has never been so easy and transparent to do research, especially for our clients that are buying or selling multi-family and mixed-use properties. PropertyShark allows us to complete research quickly and efficiently, so we can spend more time with our clients. As a business based almost exclusively on referrals, we now consider PropertyShark an essential website for our company going forward."

Rebekah Metz, Agent

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