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Learn how to use our tools

Get step-by-step guides, videos and tutorials to help you make the best of PropertyShark

Explore all the sections included in our property reports – one document that has all the information on any given property.

See our Property reports guide

Finding out properties owned by an individual or a business is now easy, and PropertyShark gives you several options for performing your research.

See our Ownership search guide

Browse and select among distressed property listings, research any prospects found and then export your results, all in a matter of minutes.

See our Foreclosures and pre-foreclosures guide

The best method for property valuation, a comparables search is an essential tool for every broker and property owner. Learn how to run one.

See our Comparables guide

Build property lists that match your criteria, then edit and download the results, including ownership information to help you find new leads.

See our Mailing and data lists guide

Search for properties on a map and see data for large and small areas at a glance. Learn how to navigate  more than 80 layers including property prices, crime, school, transport and facilities info.

See our Maps guide

Learn how you can post, edit, renew or delete your commercial listings on our website.

See our Listings guide

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A product specialist will walk you through PropertyShark live. You will learn how to use the product and after the demo, you get 1 day of full access.

Find answers to all your product and industry questions



Browse through topics such as data coverage, subscriptions, payment and account issues, and website use.


Real Estate Glossary

Get a definition for all the real estate terms found on our website, from the basics to the most technical.

Weekly webinars

We host 30-min seminars each week covering the most important real estate topics and tools, such as:

Where to look for critical property information


How to find out who owns a property and how to get in touch


The quickest way to research foreclosures
Tips for creating effective mailing lists and finding new leads


How to run an accurate comparables search


Means to upgrade your brand by using reliable market reports

In-office training for groups

We offer free training sessions, custom-tailored to your industry.

Our Training Specialist, Derek Hall, is available to visit your office so everyone can get the essential skills for better, faster property research.

Article resources on our blog

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