New York Property Maps

Maps on Tax Values, Property Sales, HPD Violations, and More provides the largest collection of real estate maps of New York available online. Rapidly assess trends in any neighborhood graphically: recent sales, foreclosures, tax value per square foot, air rights, properties in default, rezoning project areas, toxic sites, and more.

Browse through a collection of maps created either for informational purposes, or as part of a press request.

All maps are interactive! Zoom in to parcel level, then click on a property for details.

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Property Maps covering all the Five Boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island)


HPD Violations

NYC HPD Violations

See all properties with open violations that have been left uncorrected and find the total number of violations per property.

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Crime Incidents

NYC Crime Incidents

See 2018 crime incidents in NYC.

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Proximity to Subway Station

NYC Proximity to Subway Station

See how close a certain property is to a subway line or station. In the minireport you can find the distance to the closest station.

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Subway Station Map Rank 2017

NYC Subway Station Map Rank 2018

See the highest-ranked subway stations in NYC based on ridership for the year 2018.

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Hurricane Evacuation Zones

NYC Hurricane Evacuation Zones

See the hurricane evacuation zones and where Evacuation Centers are.

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Liquor License Prohibited Regions

NYC Liquor License Prohibited Regions

See all regions where it is not possible to get a liquor license due to proximity to churches and schools.

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Bike Facilities

NYC Bike Facilities

See bike routes around the city and the exact location of bike facilities.

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Census Tract with Blocks

NYC Census Tract with Blocks

Official census tract map with highlighted block boundaries and block numbers.

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Public Facilities

NYC Public Facilities

Find locations for different public facilities.

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Fire Districts

NYC Fire Districts

See all NYC fire districts and where to find each Fire House.

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Police Precincts

NYC Police Precincts

See all NYC police precincts and where to find each Police Station.

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