About PropertyShark

The Company

Founded in 2003 by real estate investor Matthew Haines as a property research tool, PropertyShark.com has gradually developed into a must-have tool for real estate professionals, investors and homebuyers in New York, and other major US markets.

PropertyShark.com has a team of over 100 dedicated employees constantly working to ensure that the available data is accurate and up-to-date.

Our Clients

We are unique in the market place as the only company which competitively serves all active players in the real estate industry: commercial and residential real estate agents, investors, appraisers, developers, insurance agents, acquisition professionals, mortgage brokers, property managers, home buyers, and others.

We are proud to be the only company with clients from every major real estate company in New York, residential and commercial.

Growing Up

The year 2010 marked a key moment for PropertyShark, as California-based Yardi Systems - the global leader in property and investment management software-acquired the company with one goal in mind: to expand PropertyShark's services nationwide.

By 2011, the website's coverage extended from the East Coast to as many as 46 states, and by the time it celebrated its ten-year anniversary, PropertyShark reached a crucial milestone, with over 1.4 million registered users.

Our Products

Offering unparalleled property reports for both the commercial and residential sectors, PropertyShark can help you determine when the property was developed, who owns it, its exact characteristics, up-to-date sales history, property value estimates, information about current zoning, air rights, and much more.

Additional services include Pre-Foreclosure and Foreclosures Listings, Sales Comparables, Detailed Maps, Building Photos, Real Estate Leads & Property Lists, and in-depth Ownership Information.

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PropertyShark reached a major milestone

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Our clients LOVE us

Our "go to" data resource

"A deep understanding and knowledge of the market are necessary components when valuating a commercial property. PropertyShark equips our sales teams with the essential data that allows them to provide actionable market insights to our clients. Indeed, Property Shark is our "go to" data resource for property details, ownership records and historical pricing."

Timothy D. King, Managing Partner - CPEX Real Estate Services

Best value around

"I have supported PropertyShark from its infancy. By compiling most of the information I need together in one place, PropertyShark has been instrumental in streamlining answers to many questions. My advice to Harlem buyers: If you don't have a fully fledged PropertyShark account, make sure your broker does. Best value around!"

Robb Pair, President - Harlem Lofts

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A tremendous resource for gathering comprehensive information

"With the hundreds of aggressive investors and 'sharks' out there competing with you to acquire properties, its imperative that analysis is done quickly and efficiently. PropertyShark has been a tremendous resource for gathering comprehensive information when making such decisions, thus saving hours and thousands of dollars."

David Zar, Leasing & Acquisitions - Zar Property NY

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