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How do you find out who owns any property in NYC?

Looking for ways in which to find the owner of a property? With PropertyShark, New York City property owner searches are easy, for both residential and commercial owners.

Once you have set up your account, you can immediately perform quick property owner lookups in NYC by simply typing in the address and unlocking the report to discover ownership data points such as:

  • Owner's name
  • Owner's mailing address
  • Owner's phone number and contact info one click away with People Search
  • Real owners behind LLCs, available with a Platinum subscription package
  • Owner's complete property portfolio

Our ownership records are updated daily, aggregated from multiple official sources, including, but not limited to, assessment rolls, assignments of leases and rents, mortgages, notices, permits, sales agreements, title documents, violations and more.

Search owner by address

Ownership Summary Sample

7 Leroy Street LLC
122 Washington Pl
New York, NY 10014
Source: Assessment Roll
Last recorded: 12/16/2023

Discover real owners behind NYC LLCs and get verified phone numbers

Find the real property owner in seconds, along with verified phone numbers for all LLC-owned properties in NYC - our coverage includes more than 260,000 buildings and lots across all five boroughs.

Additionally, you have the power to eliminate time-intensive operations for NYC LLC owner searches. Instantly discover the true ownership and accurate contact details for any LLC-owned property in NYC:

  • Discover the true owners behind LLCs instantly, directly in the property report, without any effort on your side.
  • Reach the right contact person from the start by accessing more than 400,000 researched phone numbers.
  • Build and export customized property lists with our Property Lists tool, with owners and their phone numbers included.
  • Save time with the follow-up feature: effortlessly add follow-up dates and your personal notes for any real owner and our tool will notify you when to touch base with the owners of your interest.
  • See the owner of any LLC-owned residential property, including single family homes, as well as condo and co-op units.
  • Pierce the LLC for the true ownership of any commercial assets, such as multifamily buildings of any unit size, industrial, office and retail buildings, including those under 1,000 square feet, as well as vacant lots over 2,000 square feet.
Find real owners

Perform an NYC property search by owner and find the full property portfolio of any individual or LLC owner

If you're searching for the entire portfolio of assets of a specific owner, a straightforward NYC property search by owner name will uncover all properties under their ownership, as well as previously owned assets and any properties associated with them, current or past.

You can search for individual owners or opt for an LLC owner search in NYC, as both rely on ownership records and data aggregated from a diverse pool of official sources. When running a NYC LLC owners search, your results will display all properties associated with the LLC, as well as the real owner behind the LLC entity and their contact information.

Ownership Portfolio Sample

  • Currently Owned 1 properties
  • Previously Owned 0 properties
  • Associated With 1 properties
2-4 Family - 3,791 Sqft.
Assessment Roll
7 Leroy Street LLC | Rosalind B. Resnick;

Get lists of NYC property owners and their phone numbers

Save time and effort with our property lists tool by creating and exporting lists of property owners and their phone numbers. Get residential and commercial real estate leads based on your own specific needs and personalized criteria and reach property owners and/or their representatives with our verified phone numbers.

  • Build your customized list on predefined areas like neighborhoods or draw your own area of interest on the map
  • Finetune your prospecting with a bevy of filters that include size, asset class, property type, sales data, unit count and type, lot size, tax class, unused FAR and more
  • View key property data at an instant and access ownership information, all from your list
  • Create lists that only include owners with verified phone numbers (available with the Platinum plan)
  • Subscribe to any PropertyShark plan and immediately start building owner lists. Use our bevy of filters to prospect only among properties and owners that directly match your criteria, no matter how specific.

Lists of commercial property owners

Create and download your own lists of New York City commercial properties, complete with owners' contact information, including phone numbers.

You can search commercial property owners using more general criteria such as location and asset type or build particularly specific lists with filters such as square footage, number units or stories, most recent sale, total debt and much more.

Lists of multifamily property owners

Invest in multifamily properties with all the necessary information at your fingertips. Enhance your research with accurate ownership records and in-depth property data.

Find multifamily property owners in NYC with a quick search and pull the latest relevant data to identify the right assets for your portfolio. Then, reach multifamily owners directly with verified phone numbers.

Lists of vacant land owners

Save time and eliminate tedious research processes when prospecting for vacant land by identifying vacant lots that fully match your needs.

Whether looking for a specific lot size or a particular location, you can target properties that exactly fit your criteria. Simply build lists of vacant land owners, be they individual owners or LLCs, and reach the right contact person directly.

Lists of off-market properties

Discover the right opportunities before your competition and enhance your off-market prospecting with granular property data and accurate ownership information.

Identify off-market properties that match your investment criteria, no matter how specific. Whether you're interested in properties that haven't sold in a defined number of years, are free of any liens or have a specific debt amount, you can easily create customized lists of off-market property owners and reach them directly.

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