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A PropertyShark house title search helps save time and resources by uncovering potential land title issues before contacting a title company but does not replace a certified title search.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a property title?

A property title is a collection of all legal rights regarding the ownership and use of a property, such as the Right of Possession, the Right of Control, Right of Enjoyment, Right of Disposition and Right of Exclusion. This means a property title defines that an owner may own, use, sell, rent, transfer ownership or deny access to the property as they wish, within the limits of the law, HOA regulations or potential liens.

What is a title deed?

A title deed (often referred to as a property deed) is a physical legal document that proves the transfer of ownership from the previous owner to the new one, proving the right to own and use of the property by the new owner. When buying or transferring property the title deed is signed by the seller and then filed with the relevant county government office, such as the register of deeds, assessor’s office or the courthouse.

What is the difference between a property title and a deed?

The difference between a property title and a property deed is that home title is the legal right of ownership of the home, while a property deed is the document that legally proves this right. While property title is the legal concept of ownership, the property deed is a written document that proves the transfer of the ownership title and lists who and to what extent owns a property.

Property Title & Property Deed Essential Information

  • Property title and property deed are two different concepts relating to the ownership of property. The title is the collection of rights an individual has pertaining to a specific property, while the deed is the legal document proving the title claims and transfer of ownership to the current owner by the previous one.
  • Both the home title and the house deed are of equal importance and property may not be sold or mortgaged without both.
  • When a property is purchased with a mortgage or other type of loan, the lender (such as a bank) or a third-party trustee holds the property deed until the loan is paid in full.
  • Home title can be held through multiple types of ownership, depending on local and state laws, with the five most common including sole ownership, community ownership, tenants in common, joint tenancy with right of survivorship and living trusts.
  • Deed registration on average takes two to three weeks but can be as little as 7 working days or as long as two months.
  • If a house title deed is lost, the title holder(s) need(s) to file an application for a certified copy to be released by the relevant county deeds office, which has the exclusive legal right and power to issue deed copies.
  • Home title searches review public records to identify or confirm the legal owner of a specific property. They can be quickly performed with services such as PropertyShark, a specialized title company or a lawyer or by searching in person at the relevant local/state authorities as documents pertaining to property title ownership are public.
  • Property title searches can also reveal any liens or easements pertaining to a property that may hinder the purchase or full use of it.


Performing a property title search on PropertyShark should be a preliminary stage in your research, helping you to uncover any encumbrances early on. It is not and should not be considered a substitute for working with a title company and securing title insurance.