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Primary address 7 Leroy St
Alternate address(es) 7 REAR Leroy St
7 1/2 Leroy St
Zip code 10014
Neighborhood Greenwich Village
Borough Manhattan
Block & lot 00586-0072
Name 7 Leroy Street LLC
Address 122 Washington Pl
New York, NY 10014
Purchase date 07/14/2010
Purchase price $3,900,000
Arm's length
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Property Taxes
Tax class 2A
Property tax $59,128
Property tax tentative $63,152
Lot sqft 1,980
Lot dimensions 22 ft x 90 ft
Ground elevation 17 ft
Corner lot No
Zoning districts R7-2, C1-5 i
Zoning map 12a
Historic district Greenwich Village Extension II
Building class Four Families (C3) i
Square feet 3,791
Building dimensions 22 ft x 37 ft
Buildings on lot 2
Stories 2
Roof height 32 ft
Year built 1910
Year last altered 2011 i
Proximity 2-Side abutted
Structure type Walk-up apartment
Construction type Stone
Grade C
Exterior wall None
Exterior condition None
Residential units (DOF) 4
Residential sqft 2,306
Average residential unit size 577
Certificate(s) of occupancy Click here i
Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
Residential FAR 3.44
Facility FAR 6.5
FAR as built 1.91 i
Maximum usable floor area 6,811
Usable floor area as built 3,782
Unused FAR 3,029

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New York Market Overview

149,260 Residential transactions

Residential sale stats in New York

Median Sale Price No. of transactions
Q1/2023 $365,000 33,118
Q2/2023 $400,000 39,992
Q3/2023 $401,999 44,018
Q4/2023 $366,440 32,132

15,461 Commercial transactions

Commercial sales stats in New York

Sales Volume No. of transactions
Q1/2023 $7,558,299,234 3,855
Q2/2023 $8,157,542,915 4,253
Q3/2023 $6,387,382,685 4,097
Q4/2023 $9,068,916,573 3,256

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