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Santa Clara County, CA Property Owners

Search for property owners in Santa Clara County, CA and get highly detailed property ownership data gathered from multiple sources

Find Property Owners in Santa Clara County, CA

Property Owners Search Results
Property Owners Search Results

Start your property ownership research on You will find property ownership information gathered from multiple sources including title documents, assessment rolls, permit data, HPD registration and voter registration (New York City), and notice addresses.

In January 2010 we launched a Property Ownership Search tool for New York and have expanded it since then to cover California, New York, Florida, New Jersey and eleven other states in the United States. The tool queries all properties owned by an individual or a corporation since 2000 and outputs the results in a clean and easy-to-read format.

Property Owner Search Sample

Property Search

Who is the owner of a specific building or property located in Santa Clara County, CA?

Property Ownership Section Sample
Property Ownership Section Sample

Find out who owns a particular property or who is the owner or landlord of a specific building located in Santa Clara County, CA. Just type in a single property address and a property report will be pulled up containing: a property overview, property ownership records, deeds, tax liens, and more.

The Ownership Summary section on each property report will display all the property ownership data we have on the property in question.

Ownership Summary Sample

Property Search

Building Owners Contact Information

Contacting a building owner or a retail owner is easy with PropertyShark. In several regions throughout the U.S. we provide phone numbers of building owners and/or building managers.

In cases where there is a building permit filed on a building, we provide the phone number of the applicant. Building permit phone numbers tend to be very reliable and we are among the very few service providers who provide such valuable information.

Where available, we provide tenant phone records for rental apartments, office buildings or retail spaces.

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