Class B Buildings - Two Family Dwellings

B1 – Two Family Brick

Two Family Brick

Properties in the B1 building class are two-family dwellings made of brick. They are the most numerous two-family dwellings in New York City, accounting for 34% of them. They are predominant in Brooklyn, where 48% of these buildings are located, followed by Queens (31%) and Staten Island (17%).

The top 5 neighborhoods where B1 two-family homes are most numerous are Canarsie (Brooklyn), Borough Park (Brooklyn), Bay Ridge (Brooklyn), Flatlands (Brooklyn) and Ridgewood (Queens).


B2 – Two Family Frame

Two Family Frame

Properties in the B2 building class are frame-built two-family dwellings that are most numerous in Queens (40%), Brooklyn (25%) and Staten Island (24%).

The top 5 neighborhoods for properties in the B2 building class are New Springville / Bloomfield / Travis (Staten Island), Bushwick South (Brooklyn), Eltingville / Annadale / Huguenot / Blue Heron Park / Wolfe’s Pond Park / Mount Loretto (Staten Island), East New York – part A (Brooklyn) and South Ozone Park (Queens).


B3 – Two Family Converted (From One Family)

Two Family Converted (From One Family)

The B3 building class comprises two-family dwellings that were converted from one family homes. Over half of them (53%) are in Queens, 34% in Brooklyn and 8% in the Bronx.

The neighborhoods with the greatest numbers of properties in the B3 building class are South Ozone Park (Queens), Stuyvesant Heights (Brooklyn), Richmond Hill (Queens), St. Albans (Queens) and Bensonhurst West (Brooklyn).


B9 – Miscellaneous Two Family

Miscellaneous Two Family

Properties in the B9 building class are miscellaneous two-family dwellings that are not part of B1, B2 or B3. A great number (60%) are in Brooklyn, with 22% in Staten Island and 9% in Queens.

Here are the top 5 neighborhoods with the greatest number of properties in the B9 building class: Sunset Park (Brooklyn), Canarsie (Brooklyn), Crown Heights North (Brooklyn), Sheepshead Bay / Gerritsen Beach / Manhattan Beach (Brooklyn), Great Kills (Staten Island).


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