N1 – Asylum


Class N1 comprises asylums, which are buildings of 2 or 3 stories used for psychiatric treatment of patients. NYC has 17 asylums, most of them divided equally between Brooklyn (47%) and the Bronx (47%). Manhattan has 1 asylum.

The neighborhoods with the most asylums are West Farms / Bronx River (the Bronx), Sunset Park (Brooklyn), and Fort Greene (Brooklyn). There are 2 asylums in each of these neighborhoods.


N2 – Home For Indigent Children, Aged, Homeless

Home For Indigent Children, Aged, Homeless

The buildings in the N2 class are homes for the poor, such as indigent children, the aged, and the homeless. Manhattan (29%), Brooklyn (27%) and the Bronx (25%) have the greatest density of facilities in this class in NYC.

The neighborhood with the highest number of class N2 buildings is Bushwick South (Brooklyn), followed by Lower East Side (Manhattan), Central Harlem North (Manhattan), and Central Harlem South (Manhattan). In the Bronx, two neighborhoods with buildings in this class are East Concourse and Bedford Park.


N3 – Orphanage


Class N3 is comprised of orphanages. There are 11 orphanages in NYC, 5 in Brooklyn, 5 in the Bronx and 1 in Queens.

Flatbush (Brooklyn) and County Club (the Bronx) are the areas with the most orphanages, followed by Borough Park (Brooklyn), Kensington / Ocean Parkway (Brooklyn), and Briarwood / Jamaica Hill (Queens).


N4 – Detention House For Wayward Girls

Detention House For Wayward Girls

The installations under the N4 class are houses for juvenile detention. In NYC there is a total of 5 buildings in this class, 3 in Manhattan, 1 in Brooklyn, and 1 in Staten Island.

Hudson Yards / Chelsea / Flatiron / Union Square (Manhattan) is the only area with 2 juvenile detention houses; others that have just one are Sunset Park (Brooklyn), East Harlem North (Manhattan), and New Spring Ville / Bloomfield / Travis (Staten Island).


N9 – Miscellaneous Asylum, Home

Miscellaneous Asylum, Home

Class N9 comprises asylums of different uses than those listed in the previous classes. Most of the buildings in this class can be found in the Bronx (27%), Brooklyn (25%), Queens (23%) and Manhattan (21%). In Staten Island there are 4% of buildings in the N9 class.

Morrisania / Melrose (the Bronx) is the area with most buildings in the N9 class. Next are Melrose South / Mott Haven North (the Bronx), Crown Heights North (Brooklyn), and Bayside /Bayside Hills (Queens).


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