Class Y Buildings - Selected Government Installations (Excluding Office Buildings, Training Schools, Academic, Garages, Warehouses, Piers, Air Fields, Vacant Land, Vacant Sites, And Land Under Water And Easements)

Y1 – Fire Department

Fire Department

Installations in the Y1 building class are used by the Fire Department. There are 234 such buildings in New York City, most of them being found in Brooklyn (31%), followed by Queens (24%) and Manhattan (21%).

Soho / Tribeca / Civic Central / Little Italy (Downtown Manhattan) and Midtown / Midtown South (Manhattan) are the neighborhoods with the highest numbers of fire stations, followed by Sunset Park (Brooklyn), East Harlem North (Manhattan) and Bedford (Brooklyn).


Y2 – Police Department

Police Department

Building class Y2 comprises police stations and other buildings used by the Police Department. From the 102 police department buildings in New York City, 33% are in Brooklyn, 25% in Manhattan and 23% in Queens. There are only 16% in the Bronx and 4% in Staten Island.

The neighborhoods with the highest numbers of police stations are Seagate / Coney Island (Brooklyn), followed by Hudson Yards / Chelsea / Flatiron / Union Square in Downtown Manhattan. Next are Richmond Hill (Queens) and West Village (Manhattan).


Y3 – Prison, Jail, House of Detention

Prison, Jail, House of Detention

The buildings in the Y3 class are used as prisons, jails, and houses of detention. New York City has 15 buildings in this class, 5 being found in Manhattan, 5 in the Bronx, 3 in Brooklyn and 1 each in Staten Island and Queens.

Chinatown (Manhattan) is the only neighborhood with more than 1 detention building. Other neighborhoods such as Rikers Island (the Bronx), Hart Island (the Bronx), Greenwood Heights (Brooklyn), and Washington Heights South (Manhattan) have 1 building in this class each.


Y4 – Military And Naval Installation

Military And Naval Installation

Class Y4 comprises military and naval installations, a total of 29 in New York City. Most of them can be found in Brooklyn (11), with Manhattan and Queens each having 5.

The neighborhoods with the greatest numbers of military and naval stations are Ford Hamilton (Brooklyn), Floyd Bennett Field (Brooklyn), Whitestone (Queens), Navy Yard (Brooklyn), and Stapleton/Rosebank (Staten Island).


Y5 – Department of Real Estate

Department of Real Estate

The Y5 building class designates constructions owned by the New York Department of Real Estate. There are two such buildings in New York City, both on Staten Island – one in Dongan Hills and one in Stapleton.

Y6 – Department of Sanitation

Department of Sanitation

The Y6 class consists of facilities used by the Department of Sanitation. New York City has 60 buildings in this class; Manhattan has 23%, Brooklyn 22%, Queens 20%, and the Bronx 18%.

The spread by neighborhood shows East Williamsburg (Brooklyn) having the greatest number of buildings in the Y6 class, followed by New Spring Ville /Bloomfield /Travis (Staten Island), Hunts Point (the Bronx), and Hudson Yards /Chelsea / Flatiron /Union Square (Manhattan).


Y7 – Department of Ports And Terminals

Department of Ports And Terminals

Class Y7 consists of installations used by the Department of Ports and Terminals. Manhattan holds more than half of the total number of class Y7 buildings (54%), while the rest is divided between Brooklyn (25%) and Staten Island (21%).

The neighborhoods with the largest numbers of buildings in class Y7 are Battery Park City / Lower Manhattan (Manhattan) in the first place, followed by George Town / Marine Park / Bergen Beach / Mill Basin (Brooklyn), North Side / South Side (Brooklyn), and Stapleton / Rosebank (Staten Island).


Y8 – Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works

Installations used by the Department of Public Works comprise the Y8 class. There are 28 buildings in this class in New York City and almost half of them are in Queens (43%). Manhattan has 32% of all class Y8 buildings, followed by Brooklyn with 11%.

Hunters Point / Sunnyside / West Maspeth (Queens) have 8 buildings in the Y8 class, Lenox Hill (Manhattan) has 4, and Forest Hills (Queens), Queens Bridge / Ravenswood / Long Island City North (Queens) and Turtle Bay / East Midtown (Manhattan) have 2 each. There are other neighborhoods which have only one installation in this class.


Y9 – Department of Environmental Protection

Department of Environmental Protection

Buildings in class Y9 are installations used by the Department of Environmental Protection. Most of them are found in Brooklyn (31%), followed by Queens (21%) and the Bronx (19%).

The neighborhoods with the greatest numbers of buildings in this class are Bedford (Brooklyn), Greenpoint (Brooklyn), and Rosedale (Queens).


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