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75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Property Overview

Property address 75 Poplar St
Alternate address(es) 2-8 Henry St
65-81 Poplar St
Zip code 11201
Borough Brooklyn
Block & lot 00207-7502

Building name Bridge Harbor Ht II
Lot dimensions
Lot sqft 24,000
Buildings on lot 1
Property class Special Condominium Billing Lot (R0)
Year built 1910
Building Sq. Ft.

Ownership Information

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Property owner for 75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn
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Building contacts for 75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn
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Other Property Data for 75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn

Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
School district: 13
Residential Units: 56
Commercial Units: 22
Maximum floor area ratio:
Available air rights:
Closest Police station: 0.56 Miles
Closest Fire station: 0.06 Miles
Certificate of occupancy:

Title Documents for 75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn

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R: Recorded date
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Assessment History for 75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn

Data not available for this property.

Permits for 75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn

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Pre filing date Job type Job status Job description Document Building type
07/14/2017 Alteration type 2
07/14/2017 Alteration type 2
06/23/2017 Alteration type 3
03/11/2016 Alteration type 2
05/31/2013 Alteration type 3
05/31/2013 Alteration type 3
03/11/2010 Alteration type 2
10/05/2007 Alteration type 3
05/09/2005 Alteration type 2
03/31/2003 Alteration type 2
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Brooklyn Heights residential market stats

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Median Sale Price
1% YoY
Median Price/Sqft
1% YoY
Brooklyn Median Sale Price
1% YoY


Here are the neighbors for 75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn.

Address Square feet Purchase date Purchase price
8 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn 17,400
14 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn 2,016 12/30/2014
8 Everit St, Brooklyn 2,600 6/20/2013 $1,200
7 Doughty St, Brooklyn 620 12/19/2016
5 Doughty St, Brooklyn 600 3/13/2017
7 Everit St, Brooklyn 8,811 9/20/1980
28 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn 171,000 5/17/2004 $854,000
46 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn 16,000 11/3/2014 $6,700,000
50 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn 6,606 11/29/2016 $5,976,252
55 Poplar St, Brooklyn 52,396
67 Furman St, Brooklyn 500 1/2/2018
68 Columbia Hts, Brooklyn 158,600
128-136 Columbia Hts, Brooklyn 152,600 4/26/2016 $105,000,000
150 Columbia Hts, Brooklyn 7,968 3/6/2006 $4,500,000
148 Columbia Hts, Brooklyn 7,495 3/31/2017
142 Columbia Hts, Brooklyn 6,875 11/15/1977
144 Columbia Hts, Brooklyn 6,875 7/19/2002
146 Columbia Hts, Brooklyn 9,375 1/29/1987
210 Columbia Hts, Brooklyn 5,798 2/19/1992

Alternate Addresses

You will find all alternate addresses for the property in this section.

•  2-8 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 •  65-81 Poplar St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

About the Property

How many square feet does 75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn have?

This Special Condominium Billing Lot (R0) located at 75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn has a total of 62,096 square feet.

When was 75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn built?

75 Poplar Street, Brooklyn was built in 1910.

How many residential units does this building have?

This building has 56 residential unit(s) and 22 commercial spaces.

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