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7 West End Avenue, East Hampton, NY 11937

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7 West End Avenue, East Hampton, NY 11937

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Property Details

Property address 7 W End Ave, East Hampton, NY 11937
County Suffolk
Parcel ID 15-4-7
School district 472401
Acreage 3.5
Property class One Family Year-Round Residence (210)

Ownership Information

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Sales & Property History for 7 West End Avenue

Sales information and other title documents for 7 West End Avenue. Coverage and historic records vary depending on the area the property is located in.

Sale date: 10/11/2019
Sale price: $22,050,000
Buyer name:
Seller name:

Title Documents

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Date Type Amount Party1 Party2
10/11/2019 – D
10/21/2019 – R
6/21/2006 – D
7/7/2006 – R
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R: Recorded date
D: Document date

Property Taxes for 7 West End Avenue

Access detailed property tax data for 7 W End Ave. Tax information included: property tax, market value and assessed value, exemptions, abatements, and assessment history.

Tax year: 2019-2020
Property tax: $36,862
Land value: $2,043,859
Building value: $7,368,421
Market value: $9,412,280

Assessment History for 7 West End Avenue

Here's the assessment & property tax history for 7 West End Avenue, including the evolution of the total tax rate and corresponding property tax.

Year Property class Market value Assessment value Total tax rate Property tax
2019-2020 One Family Year-Round Residence $9,412,281 $53,650 687.1 $36,863
2018-2019 One Family Year-Round Residence $9,250,000 $53,650 681.36 $36,555
2017-2018 One Family Year-Round Residence $9,412,281 $53,650 669.37 $35,912
2016-2017 One Family Year-Round Residence $9,093,220 $53,650 659.21 $35,367
2015-2016 One Family Year-Round Residence $8,382,813 $53,650 797.57 $42,790
2014-2015 One Family Year-Round Residence $30,828,767 $225,050 648.83 $146,019
2013-2014 One Family Year-Round Residence $7,452,055 $54,400 632.34 $34,399
2012-2013 One Family Year-Round Residence $28,131,250 $225,050 600.94 $135,242