Research owners and LLCs

Access ownership records, phone numbers, and tools to research LLCs:

  • Owner names and mailing addresses
  • Phone numbers aggregated from multiple sources
  • Building management records
  • Search by owner name for access to full portfolio
  • Phone numbers for tenants
  • Tools to research LLCs
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Research any commercial property

Get key property data, even when you're on the go:

  • Title documents & sales
  • Liens & mortgages
  • Property income and expenses
  • Certificates of occupancy
  • Square footage and unit count
  • Permits & violations
  • Property photos
  • FAR and zoning
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Jeff Nissani

Associate Broker - The Nissani Group at Eastern Consolidated

PropertyShark is the most effective online information tool that we use on a daily basis.

Prospecting tools

Build custom lists with flexible criteria, for example:

  • Commercial condo units in your target area
  • Office buildings or retail spaces of a particular size
  • Vacant lots or gas stations in a certain zoning area
  • Lists of properties in pre-foreclosure
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Commercial Real Estate Property Comps

Sales data and market reports

Quickly evaluate any property and keep track of your market:

  • Real-time property value estimations using our Comps tool
  • Quarterly multi-family market reports
  • Sales sent weekly to your inbox, based on your criteria
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Commercial Real Estate Property Comps

Know the area

Easily visualize entire areas from your desk:

  • Satellite images and street view maps
  • Active businesses mapped
  • Other maps: zoning, air rights, transportation, and more!
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