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Founded in 2002 by a New York real estate investor, has become the premier resource for real estate investors looking to buy or sell investment properties in New York City and New York State. offers you the option to:

  • Browse investment properties for sale in New York
  • Find investment properties in foreclosure
  • Find liens (lis pendens, mechanic's liens) filed against investment properties
  • Research an investment property (sales history, title documents, tenant roster, and more)
  • Find the owner of a New York investment property (and their phone number, when available)
  • Do a comparables search on investment properties

Minimize Risks When Buying Investment Properties

Buying investment properties is never risk free. The tools and data found on PropertyShark help you minimize the risk you are exposed to when buying investment properties in New York City.

Before buying an investment property you should always make sure the property does not have a lien filed against it. It's easy to do so on Just pull up a property report and under the section of the property report titled "Liens" you'll find different types of lien (if existent) that were filed against the property that we were able to identify. These include lis pendens, sidewalk liens and mechanic's liens.

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You shoud also check for open HPD violations. When excessive violations are present, this can adversely affect the support given by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). These violations can result in building-wide inspections, fees, and the necessity for extensive repair work to correct underlying conditions. In some cases, outstanding violations may result in a lien being placed on the property. Open HPD violations are displayed for every investment property in New York and are updated on a monthly basis.

Make an informed offer using our comparables tool. We update our database of closed investment property sales every day. Using the comparables tool you can quickly estimate the value of an investment property based on recently closed sales in your neighborhood.

Find Investment Property Opportunities

Browse Investment Properties for Sale Listings You can browse thousands of investment properties listed for sale in New York. Listings are linked to detailed property reports which include investment property sales history, building photographs, title documents, and other useful information.

Besides sale listings you can also browse investment properties in foreclosure or investment properties that have a lis pendens filed against them. Lis pendens are claims against real property and should be treated seriously. However, they can lead to good deals due to the increased selling motivation of the distressed investment property owner.