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6 Elmwood Hill Lane, Rochester, NY 14610

6 Elmwood Hill Lane, Rochester, NY 14610

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Property Details

Property address 6 Elmwood Hill Ln, Rochester, NY 14610
County Monroe
Parcel ID 137.120-2-27.100
School district 264601
Acreage 1.19
Property class One Family Year-Round Residence (210)
Square footage 10,194
Year built 2002
Year last altered 2015
Stories 2
Bedrooms 5
Bathrooms 5
Half bathrooms 2

Ownership Information

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Sales & Property History for 6 Elmwood Hill Lane

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Sale date: 10/18/2010
Sale price: $865,000
Buyer name:
Seller name:

Title Documents for 6 Elmwood Hill Lane

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Date Type Amount Party1 Party2 Doc image
10/18/2010 – D
10/18/2010 – R
8/19/2004 – D
8/19/2004 – R
5/31/2000 – D
6/1/2000 – R
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Property Taxes for 6 Elmwood Hill Lane

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Tax year: 2021
Property tax: $99,146
Land value: $224,700
Building value: $2,151,200
Market value: $2,375,900

Assessment History for 6 Elmwood Hill Lane

Here's the assessment & property tax history for 6 Elmwood Hill Lane, including the evolution of the total tax rate and corresponding property tax.

Year Property class Market value Assessment value Total tax rate Property tax
2020 One Family Year-Round Residence $2,375,900 $2,375,900 41.73 $99,146
2019 One Family Year-Round Residence $2,375,900 $2,375,900 41.17 $97,816

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