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1485 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10035

1485 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10035

1485 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10035 - property info, owner names and phone numbers, sales, mortgages, permits, and more. See the full report by creating an account.

Property Overview

Property address 1485 5th Ave
Zip code 10035
Borough Manhattan
Block & lot 01746-9002
Lot dimensions
Lot sqft 1,002
Property class Zoned Commercial or Manhattan Residential (V1)
Building Sq. Ft.

Ownership Information

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Property owner for 1485 5th Ave
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Other Property Data for 1485 5th Avenue

School district: 5
Maximum floor area ratio:
Certificate of occupancy:

Title Documents for 1485 5th Avenue

Records go back to 1966 and include the complete history of deeds, mortgages, assignments of leases and rents, and more! Plus, document images are one-click away.

Doc rec date Doctype Document amount Party1 name Party2 name Link to doc with redirect
07/18/2012 - R Ucc3 Termination
06/25/2012 - D Termination Of Assign Of L&R
06/25/2012 - D Satisfaction Of Mortgage
06/25/2012 - D Satisfaction Of Mortgage
06/25/2012 - D Satisfaction Of Mortgage
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R: Recorded date
D: Document date

Property Taxes for 1485 5th Avenue

Access detailed property tax data for 1485 5th Ave. Tax information included: property tax, market value and assessed value, exemptions, abatements, and assessment history.

Tax year: 2020-2021
Tax assessor's market value: $0
Current tax bill: $0

Assessment History for 1485 5th Avenue

Data not available for this property.

Permits for 1485 5th Avenue

Assess the condition of a property with access to the history of permits filed, including new construction or demolition permits, plus any work pertaining to plumbing, heating, sprinkler systems, and more! Data goes back to 1990.

Data not available for this property.

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