Track down property owners

Immediately reach decision makers with access to ownership data and tools.

  • Owner's name, mailing address and phone number.
  • Full property portfolio.
  • Building management and contact details.
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Invest in distressed properties

We guarantee 100% coverage of foreclosures and pre-foreclosures in NYC.

  • The most complete foreclosures database, updated daily
  • Pre-foreclosures available within 24 hours of filing
  • Critical property data for your due diligence
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David Zar

Leasing & Acquisitions

With the hundreds of aggressive investors and 'sharks' out there competing with you to acquire properties, its imperative that analysis is done quickly and efficiently. PropertyShark has been a tremendous resource for gathering comprehensive information when making such decisions, thus saving hours and thousands of dollars.

Get the full scoop on any property

Research any property and assess its potential or risk with in-depth property reports.

  • Property characteristics
  • Zoning & air rights
  • Sales & title history
  • Property taxes
  • Permits & Violations
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Find out how much a property is worth

Assess the value of a property with reliable and up-to-date sales data.

  • Correctly estimate the value of a property
  • Spot market trends and changes in our market reports
  • Prospect entire areas from your desk by using our sales maps
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Identify leads and prospects

Use your own criteria to get lists of owners or properties that you can download for mailing campaigns or prospecting. A few list examples:

  • Absentee owners.
  • Multi-family properties of a certain size in your target area.
  • Owners that have not sold in the past 5 years.
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