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(Initial) UCC 1 (Uniform Commercial Code 1)


A Uniform Commercial Code 1 or a UCC 1 Financing Statement is a legal document created when some property is used as collateral at the time a loan is secured.

What is a UCC1 form:

A UCC 1 indicates that the bank has an interest in the property. Thus, if the borrower decides to sell the property before the loan is paid off, then the new owner is liable for the outstanding balance. At the same time, the document gives the lender the right to seize the property in case the borrower defaults on the payment.

When a notice of "UCC 1 Termination" appears, it means that the borrower paid the debt in full and the UCC filing was removed. An "Initial UCC 1" is the first financing statement filed; any changes to this Initial UCC 1 can be recorded later.


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