Historic New Integration Partnership Announced Between CommercialEdge & Buildout

A partnership between CommercialEdge and Buildout will maximize the value they can bring to clients by connecting their huge array of commercial real estate (CRE) listing sites. As a result, Buildout users will be able to publish listings on all of the sites in the CommercialEdge Listing Network — including CommercialSearch, CommercialCafe, PropertyShark and Point2 — which, combined, attract more than 15 million visitors each month.

CommercialEdge Generates 20,000+ Verified Leads Annually

In particular, an average of 165,000 nationwide commercial listings are posted each month on the CommercialEdge listing network. These listings then generate more than 20,000 verified leads annually, enabling users to focus on qualified inquiries.

Buildout Offers Opportunity to Drive Deals

Buildout helps drive CRE deals from start to finish — from the first cold call to the final commission split. According to Alan Spadoni, director of engineering at Buildout, this partnership boosts both the customer listings and the leads that they produce by bringing the work of every member of the brokerage to a single platform.

For more than a decade, brokerages have been jumping at the chance to ramp up their marketing with uniquely branded automated marketing collateral through Buildout’s platform. Specifically, the company offers solutions for every aspect of the deal cycle with innovative products such as CRM + database, marketing, deal management and back office tools.

Essentially, Buildout allows brokerages to build iron-clad relationships, which then increase listing exposure and business growth — a benefit for everyone involved at every stage of the deal.

A New Way to Increase Access

Arjun Rao, senior director of CommercialEdge, said the partnership would make it easy for Buildout’s clients to get their listings in front of more than 15 million viewers monthly. In turn, those views could potentially equate to tens of thousands of tenant leads.

This is in line with the goal of CommercialEdge, which was created to provide real estate professionals with easy, instant access to all property data and all active listings in one single place. Today, the platform’s comprehensive database hosts more than 7 million properties across all types of assets, including: office, industrial, retail and multifamily.

Plus, thanks to the nationwide nature of the product, real estate professionals will finally be able to access up-to-date marketing insights and leasing stats in real-time — anywhere in the country.

About Yardi & Buildout

Yardi, the creator of CommercialEdge, develops and supports software for all types and sizes of real estate companies throughout the country. Established nearly 40 years ago, it currently serves clients all over the world from its headquarters in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Meanwhile, since Buildout’s launch in 2010, the company has been an industry leader in CRE marketing solutions. It also applies its knowledge and resources to other aspects of the brokerage, as well.

Eliza Theiss

Eliza Theiss

Eliza Theiss is a senior writer reporting real estate trends in the US. Her work has been cited by CBS News, Curbed, The Los Angeles Times, and Forbes among others. With an academic background in journalism, Eliza has been covering real estate since 2012. Before joining PropertyShark, Eliza was an associate editor at Multi-Housing News and Commercial Property Executive. Eliza writes for both PropertyShark and CommercialEdge. Reach her at [email protected]