Where Are NYC’s Smallest & Largest Condos? South Astoria Units Clock in at Just 631SF, Hudson Yards Condos Hit 2,045SF

Key Takeaways:

  • Bronx has smallest borough-level median condo size at 769 square feet
  • Staten Island features largest median condo size of the five boroughs at 1,047 square feet, along with the lowest median sale price for condos at $374,000
  • South Astoria posts smallest neighborhood-level median condo size at 631 square feet
  • Hudson Yards claims largest median condo size at 2,045 square feet
  • Bronx claims most affordable neighborhood for condos with Parkchester’s $195,000 median sale price
  • At $8.12 million, Manhattan’s Central Park South leads as most expensive neighborhood for NYC condos by significant margin
  • 13,011-square-foot Central Park South condo largest sold in 2023 for $68 million
  • 235-square-foot Brooklyn Heights unit is smallest condo sold last year

New York City’s residential market is ruled by apartments comprising about 2.56 million units, including rental apartments and condominium apartments (condos). One major difference between the two? Their size: While a NYC rental apartment stands at a median 600 square feet (as of 2022), a NYC condo unit comes in at a median 921 square feet.

That said, condo sizes can vary vastly between neighborhoods, so we identified which neighborhoods had the smallest condos and which had the largest and ranked them by their median square footage. For an accurate representation of metrics, we only considered NYC neighborhoods with at least 100 condo units and, as a result, analyzed 161 NYC neighborhoods.

Explore the map below for at-a-glance insights into the median size of condos across NYC neighborhoods:

5 Queens Neighborhoods Among NYC’s 10 Smallest Condo Sizes, None from Manhattan

As expected, the Bronx had the smallest median condo size at just 769 square feet, while Queens’ 809-square-foot median was the second smallest. Consequently, when it comes to the neighborhoods with the smallest condos, five of the 10 smallest condo sizes are located in Queens, joined by two Bronx neighborhoods.

The remaining spots were filled by two Brooklyn locations and one Staten Island neighborhood. Meanwhile, Manhattan’s smallest condos can be found in the Two Bridges neighborhood. Its 723-square-foot median size was the #11 smallest in the city.

Ranging between median sizes of 631 and 721 square feet, NYC’s top 10 neighborhoods with the smallest condos are:

RankNeighborhoodBoroughMedian Size (Sq. Ft)Median Price per Sq. Ft. Median Sale Price
1South AstoriaQueens 631 $1,000$639,000
2ParkchesterBronx 662 $289$195,000
3Pelham BayBronx 666 $387$243,000
4MaspethQueens 671 $809$492,000
5Old AstoriaQueens 680 $994$651,000
6LICQueens 684 $1,312$798,000
7Sunset ParkBrooklyn 685 $781$511,000
8Grymes Hill - Silver LakeStaten Island 689 $412$225,000
9Prospect Park SouthBrooklyn 700 $898$729,000
10Kew Gardens HillsQueens 721 $648$433,000

Only 2 NYC Neighborhoods Surpass 2,000-Square-Foot Median Condo Size

Meanwhile, the largest median condo size was not claimed by Manhattan, which stands at 965 square feet, but rather by Staten Island with a median of 1,047 square feet. Brooklyn was the only other borough where the median condo size surpassed 1,000 square feet, claiming the second-largest condo size at 1,021 square feet after Staten Island.

Yet, despite featuring the largest condo size at the borough level, Staten Island had only three of the 10 largest condo sizes in the city with Manhattan claiming four, Brooklyn two and the Bronx one. Queens’ largest condos are located in Douglaston, but its 1,296-square-foot median condo size is only the #15 largest in the city.

Ranging between median sizes of 1,378 and 2,045 square feet, NYC’s top 10 neighborhoods with the largest condos are:

RankNeighborhoodBoroughMedian Size (Sq. Ft)Median Price per Sq. Ft. Median Sale Price
1ManhattanHudson Yards 2,045 $2,402$5,863,000
2Staten IslandTodt Hill 2,016 $316$620,000
3ManhattanSoHo 1,954 $2,038$4,300,000
4ManhattanTriBeCa 1,860 $1,918$3,585,000
5ManhattanNoHo 1,778 $2,221$3,850,000
6Staten IslandMidland Beach 1,505 $348$524,000
7BronxCity Island 1,498 $404$590,000
8Staten IslandBulls Head 1,421 $358$455,000
9BrooklynBorough Park 1,405 $752$783,000
10BrooklynBrooklyn Heights 1,378 $1,562$2,275,000

Most Affordable NYC Neighborhood for Condos Posts $195,000 Median Sale Price

In terms of pricing, NYC condos sold for a median sale price of $575,000 in 2023. But, again, major differences are evident both at the borough level and the neighborhood level — with some potentially surprising findings.

The biggest surprise was delivered by Staten Island, which had the smallest median sale price at just $374,000, despite also boasting the largest median condo size at 1,047 square feet. Staten Island’s attractive condo prices are also reflected in the citywide ranking, claiming five of the 10 most affordable neighborhoods for condos. Meanwhile, with the Bronx having the smallest median size at just 769 square feet, it was to be expected that it would also appear among the lowest-priced neighborhoods for condos, which it did by coming in at #4 with $405,000.

Overall, NYC buyers looking for a good deal will generally have to orient themselves toward the Bronx and Staten Island neighborhoods with smaller condo sizes: Only Staten Island’s New Dorp had a median size north of 1,000 square feet.

Ranging between $195,000 and $305,000 and with median sizes of 662 to 1,083 square feet, the top 10 most affordable neighborhoods for condos in NYC are:

RankNeighborhoodBoroughMedian Sale Price Median Size (Sq. Ft)Median Price per Sq. Ft.
2Grymes Hill - Silver LakeStaten Island$225,000689$412
4Pelham BayBronx$243,000666$387
5Mariner's HarborStaten Island$260,000895$274
6New DorpStaten Island$268,0001083$402
8TompkinsvilleStaten Island$295,000851$349
10Grant CityStaten Island$305,000874$365

$8.12M Median Ranks Central Park South as Most Expensive NYC Neighborhood for Condos

Of course, Manhattan was the most expensive borough for condos in 2023 with a median sale price of $1.71 million, followed by Brooklyn at $763,000. Then, even though Queens had the second-smallest median condo size (890 square feet), it posted the third-highest median sale price at $575,000.

Clearly, NYC buyers looking for luxury condo apartments will find the vast majority of expensive units in Manhattan, which is home to nine of the 10 most expensive neighborhoods for condos. It’s joined by Brooklyn Heights as the sole location outside of Manhattan.

Ranging between $2,275,000 and $8,120,000 and with median sizes of 1,100 to 2,045 square feet, the top 10 most expensive neighborhoods for condos in NYC are:

RankNeighborhoodBoroughMedian Sale Price Median Size (Sq. Ft)Median Price per Sq. Ft.
1Central Park SouthManhattan$8,120,0001184$3,242
2Hudson YardsManhattan$5,863,0002045$2,402
6Carnegie HillManhattan$2,950,0001312$1,759
7Hudson SquareManhattan$2,750,0001212$2,107
8West VillageManhattan$2,688,0001100$2,383
10Brooklyn HeightsBrooklyn$2,275,0001378$1,562

13,000-Square-Foot Manhattan Penthouse Largest Sold in NYC Last Year

Although the borough has the third-largest median condo size at 965 square feet, Manhattan’s Hudson Yards, SoHo, TriBeCa and NoHo represent four of the six NYC neighborhoods where median condo sizes surpass 1,500 square feet. Meanwhile, the borough placed only three neighborhoods among the city’s 20 smallest — Two Bridges, Kips Bay and Chinatown — and none among the 10 smallest.

A 307-square-foot unit at 500 West End Ave. was the smallest condo sold in Manhattan last year. And, whereas it sold for a modest $249,000, the largest unit to change ownership last year in Manhattan sold for a whopping $68 million. Totaling 13,011 square feet, the penthouse unit is located at the 2021-built 1165 Madison Ave. in Carnegie Hill.

In terms of pricing, Manhattan comprised 15 of the 17 neighborhoods where the condo median sale price surpassed $2 million. At the same time, Inwood was the only Manhattan neighborhood where the median sale price for condos was less than $500,000, posting a $375,000 median sale price in 2023.

235-Square-Foot Brooklyn Condo Smallest Sold in 2023

At medians of 1,405 and 1,378 square feet, respectively, Borough Park and Brooklyn Heights are Brooklyn’s leading neighborhoods for generous condo sizes, ranking as the city’s ninth- and 10th-largest, as well.

But Brooklyn also contributed to the city’s top 10 neighborhoods with the smallest median condo sizes with Sunset Park (685 square feet) at #7 and Prospect Park South (700 square feet) at #9. Still, in nearly half of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods (21 out of 45), the median condo size sits above 1,000 square feet.

Interestingly, the smallest condo sold in Brooklyn last year was also the smallest in the city overall — a 235-square-foot unit at 132 Remsen St. in Brooklyn Heights that fetched $380,000. Ironically, Brooklyn Heights has the #10 largest median condo size in the city at $1,378 square feet. At the other end of the spectrum, Brooklyn’s largest condo sold in 2023 was a 4,565-square-foot unit at the 26-story 60 Front St. Located in the high-priced DUMBO neighborhood, the 2019-built condo fetched an appropriately pricey $13 million.

In terms of pricing, Brooklyn Heights ranks as the #10 most expensive neighborhood for condos in NYC with a median sale price of $2,275,000. Conversely, Canarsie ranks as the #9 least expensive for condos with a $299,000 median sale price.

South Astoria Condos Smallest in Queens & NYC at 631 Square Feet

While Queens supplied five of the city’s 10 neighborhoods with the smallest median condo sizes (including South Astoria at #1), the Queens neighborhood with the largest median size for condos — Douglaston with 1,296 square feet — ranks as #15 citywide. Still, Queens accounts for one-third of NYC neighborhoods where the median condo size is less than 1,000 square feet.

As for the smallest Queens condo sold in 2023, that was a 335-square-foot unit at 42 Union St. in downtown Flushing, which traded hands for $210,000 in mid-November. Meanwhile, the largest Queens condo unit sold last year was a 4,567-square-foot unit at 112-09 75th Ave. in Forest Hills that fetched $1.75 million.

As for pricing, only one Queens neighborhood surpassed the $1 million mark with Hunters Point as the borough’s priciest neighborhood at $1,215,000. For comparison, Rockaway Beach was the most affordable: Its 2023 condo median sale price stood at $340,000.

Staten Island’s Todt Hill Among 2 Neighborhoods with 2,000-Square-Foot Median Condo Sizes

With the largest borough-level median condo size in the city at 1,047 square feet, Staten Island also supplied three of the 10 NYC neighborhoods with the largest median sizes. That includes #2 Todt Hill as one of just two NYC neighborhoods where the median condo size is more than 2,000 square feet.

Otherwise, a 407-square-foot condo at 2 Elmwood Drive in Heartland Village was the smallest sold last year in Staten Island, going for $223,000. The borough’s largest condo sold in 2023 was a 2,583-square-foot unit at 50 Pearsall St. in Arrochar, trading hands in late December.

What stood out even more for the borough was its attractive pricing: Staten Island accounts for 41% of the city’s neighborhoods where the median sale price for condos is less than $500,000.

City Island Condos Are Largest in Bronx, $794K Riverdale Claims Priciest

Although it has the smallest borough-level median condo size at 769 square feet, eight of the 13 Bronx neighborhoods in our study feature median condo sizes of 1,000 square feet or more. In fact, City Island has the #7 largest median condo size in NYC at 1,498 square feet.

Finally, the 430-square-foot condo at 2385 Barker Ave. in Allerton was the smallest Bronx condo sold last year, trading hands for $100,000. Conversely, the largest unit sold last year in the Bronx was claimed by Riverdale, where a 3,057-square-foot condo at 640 West 237 St. changed ownership for an impressive $3.36 million.

Explore the table below for a fuller picture of NYC’s condo market, with stats on all 161 NYC neighborhoods with at least 100 condo units:


To determine which NYC neighborhoods have the smallest and largest median condo sizes, we gathered condo data pertaining to size and location to calculate the median square footage of condos at the neighborhood level across the city. For increased accuracy and reliability of metrics, we eliminated all neighborhood with fewer than 100 condo apartments.

To determine the median sale price of condos in the 161 neighborhoods in our study, we analyzed 2023 condo sales data and calculated median sale prices for all neighborhoods where a minimum of 5 condos sold in 2023.

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