Recently the Business Insider wrote an article featuring the 10 priciest distressed properties for sale in the Hamptons with the house at 33 Mill Creek Close, in Watermill topping the list. With a lis pendens filed in September 2011, this property is currently on the market for $9.45M. According to the listing description, it has an indoor pool within a sunlit atrium, a gym, two saunas and a steam room.

In addition to their slide-show we’ve created an interactive map showing all the multimillion dollar properties in the Hamptons that had a foreclosure auction scheduled or a lis pendens filed in 2011. There were 48 such high-end homes with a mortgage amount exceeding $1M. Click on the dots for more information on each of the mapped properties. The orange dots stand for the auctioned properties while the yellow ones are for the properties in  lis pendens.

Hamptons Distressed Properties