PropertyShark Seller Leads: Turn Them into New Listings and Clients

Introducing Seller Leads

PropertyShark traffic has exploded over the past couple of years and in 2016 we exceeded 2.6 million visits per month. A good share of these visitors are home buyers and sellers, who turn to PropertyShark for research. We found that one of their main needs is getting a property value estimation. While we do provide a Comps tool on the site, we believe a real estate professional is better equipped to answer this need and can provide a personalized value estimation.

We also believe that many of these sellers are not yet represented by an agent, and this represents an untapped source of leads for new listings. A simple and timely response to property estimate inquiries can turn these leads into clients; this is why we implemented a feature to help you connect with these prospects.

We currently capture contact information (name and email address) for these prospects and offer them as seller leads, as part of a pilot project. Because the feature is still under testing, for a limited amount of time, we are offering the leads for free.

What type of leads will I get?

The leads are potential home sellers who need a property value estimate or professional advice from a local agent.

The advantages of getting these seller leads through our service:

  • Instant: you can act quickly and contact the seller directly
  • Targeted: the property address is included with the lead
  • Reliable source: the leads come from an established real estate data provider

How will I receive the leads?

The contact information is sent to you by email as soon as a prospect fills in the form and requests a home value estimate.

How many leads will I receive each month?

The feature is now implemented on a limited number of pages on PropertyShark so the estimates below are based solely on this pilot program. Also, with PropertyShark traffic going through an accelerated growth, there is huge potential for generating a higher number of leads as this feature will be further developed.

Leads offered in this phase:

US total: approx. 3,000/ month
Top states: CA, FL, TX, PA, OH, GA, IL, NJ

How are the leads captured by PropertyShark?

Users, who browse a property report and identify themselves as the owner of that specific property, are prompted to request a home value estimate from a local agent. To request an estimate, the owners will have to fill in a contact form providing their name and email address. In addition, we will also provide the full address of the property for which the request was made.

Seller leads form

Step-by-step process

  1. Prospects enter their name and email address in the form in order to receive the estimate
  2. The contact information together with the property address are instantly sent to you
  3. You contact the prospect with a property valuation and can build a direct relationship

*Since these are hot leads, we recommend quick replies for the best results.

Andra Rus

Andra Rus

With 10+ years of experience at PropertyShark, Andra covers the latest product updates and market reports for our blog. Her work has been featured in The Real Deal, Curbed, TimeOut, The Daily Mail, Business Insider, Crain’s New York.

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