Chart of the week: Brooklyn’s most expensive homes (2005-2012)

If you’re interested in expensive homes featured in slideshows and Brooklyn, PropertyShark’s chart of the week provides you the perfect combination of the two. If  last week we crowned  this $88M pad as the most expensive home sale in Manhattan, this week we’re looking at how high home sales went in Brooklyn from 2005 to mid-2012. As expected, nothing comes closer to any Manhattan residential transaction, yet many of them passed the $10 million mark. Here’s what we’re talking about:

2012. 212 Columbia Heights
2011. 451 Avenue South
2010. 2009 East 3rd Street
2009. 2111 East 2nd Street
2008. 17 Prospect Park West
2007. 3542 Bedford Avenue
2006. 45 Montgomery Place
2005. 212 Columbia Heights

For more details on each of the most expensive properties click on the years featured in the slide below.

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