San Diego Zoning Map Shows What you Can Build and Where

What better way of telling what you can build and where to build it around San Diego than with a highly-detailed Zoning Map of the entire San Diego County?

Freshly updated as part of a broader and more ambitious plan of boosting’s data & services offering for California (that included the addition of detailed property characteristics, recent sales data, superior ownership information, new tools and much more), the map will walk you through all of San Diego County’s zoning areas.

Designed with developers, investors and potential homebuyers in mind, the map is a useful tool for all those looking to buy property, expand an existing one, or start work on a new project – be it commercial or residential – within the boundaries of San Diego County.

Look up any property using our map, and see how the area in which it is located and the neighboring ones are zoned:

San Diego County Zoning Map

Once you have found the property you’re interested in, a mini property report will pop up, providing you with a summary for that particular property, as well as a short overview of how the area has been zoned:

Zoning Map San Diego

The mini report will also include a link to the full property report, where you can find extensive property information ranging from square footage, year built, number of bedrooms, to ownership data, recent sales and much more. Check out a sample report for San Diego to see exactly what type of data is available for San Diego properties.

The San Diego Zoning map comes with a nifty new feature, just in case you don’t want to move right next to a noisy construction site: the update introduces the Planned Development overlay, signaling out all major areas in which work is about to start (if it hasn’t already) on a new project. You can easily tell which areas are slated for development by looking for the dotted zones – when the development type was specified – or by looking for the pale pink areas:

San Diego Zoning Map includes planned development overlay

Many more helpful maps are now available for San Diego County, why not give them a try? Use our maps to see:

Georgiana Mihaila

Georgiana Mihaila

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